27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (2023)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universeis one of the most popular franchises of the 1980s. From cartoons to live-action films and action figures, Prince Adam and his exploits helped define an era. Kids excitedly tuned in week after week to see how He-Man would defeat Skeletor and his minions. Children would relive the exploits by acting out their own battles with action figures or flexing their imaginative muscles by going outside and role-playing. No doubt arguing over who would take up the mantle of He-Man and with it the power of Grayskull. After all, Eternia's fate depended on it. What kid doesn't want super speed, strength, agility and indestructible skin?

He-Man was such an iconic character that it spawned multiple video games and pop culture references. One of the most notable beings in the filmGhostbusters II. Out of business, the Ghostbusters are forced to take jobs entertaining children at birthday parties. At one party in particular, while singing their famous theme song, the kids asked who they were going to call, to which He-Man replied. A devastating blow for them, but a W in the win column for the Legend of Castle Greyskull.he manwas and remains one of our favorite cartoons from a generation gone by. It's next to cartoons likethunder catsEvoltron.

27 The New Christian Gray

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You know how as a kid you completely forget the things that as an adult make you think, hm, isn't that right? Well, seeing scenes of one of our favorite childhood heroes, He-Man, interacting with his sister, She-Ra, is one of them. They have some eerily close moments that, to be honest, are pretty fishy. I'm not saying anything is wrong, but if you look from the outside in, you might start to draw some conclusions that raise questions you might not want to answer.

We all love our siblings no matter how much they annoy us.

It's just evident that He-Man will love his sister for all of Eternia! Let's not judge too harshly, because love is a beautiful thing. Especially if you have to spend all of your time at Castle Grayskull. It looks more like a palace of trouble than a place where a prince and princess who love each other very much would spend their time. Everyone has a different standard for judging beauty, but you have to draw the line somewhere. If you're defending the kingdom with your beloved sister, you'd think you'd want a castle that embodies what it means to be a prince who loves your sister.

26 It's not what it looks like

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The bonds that boys have with their boys are sacred. From early adolescence through adulthood, these bonds define their social dictates within the group. One of the most coveted titles in your circle of friends would be Playa. The one who has more skill or luck when it comes to courting the opposite sex. It is usually quite natural for him to win the affection of a pretty girl he is interested in. The others look at him in awe and wonder how he does it. Is it your charm, your beauty, all of it?

Whatever the case, it often leads down a path of greed. If we learned anything from the movieWall Streetthis greed is definitely not good. It also does not lead to anything good. In this case, it comes in the form of the daunting task of juggling multiple girlfriends. A task that requires infinite subtlety to maintain the "good guy" facade. All it takes is one wrong move, which most people do, and then the class is over. Your love lock is falling apart. However, in the eyes of his friends, the beach is still king. He learns a lesson and either changes his behavior or, more commonly, starts over and starts over.

25 Emotions, what are they?

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We all know someone whose soul is black as night. Who suppressed their humanity and with it their ability to feel so deeply that they would reach the fiery abyss at the center of the earth. Which they will use to burn their enemies, roasting their entire lives and making a copy of the soulless, heartless being they have become. The vicious circle starts again and makes us cry for one more lost soul. We often look for a glimmer of hope in people.

Something to say that a sliver of who they once were is still hidden within them.

This is often a mistake. You must proceed with caution or be prepared to have your feelings questioned and devoured. These people are not bad people. You won't even be misunderstood. They just want to be left alone to live their best life. But there is always someone who cannot leave the sleeping bear in the peace of his sleep. Someone has to come along occasionally and test the waters by doing something that is intended to be evil or harmful. It's a trap and they'll soon find out they should have left her alone. Let this be a cautionary tale.

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24 I want to be you

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but is it? It's one thing to compliment someone, but steal all their swagger as your own? What happened to originality? Or at least to be inspired and put your own new and unique spin on things. Are we just going to sit back and pretend it's okay to steal someone's life? What if they misrepresent everything you wanted to represent? People might think that misrepresentation is something from the original brand.

Well, we kind of love Nicki Minaj, but can she really wield the power of Grayskull like a true champion? After a heated battle with Skeletor and the Snake Men when the dust settled, can she really claim that she did this to them? The prospect seems very unlikely, and that's something Prince Adam doesn't need in his life. He has bigger fish to fry and is too busy to deal with people like a copycat. A fake Grayskull Super Bass power wielding cheater. Let's leave the past behind and stick to what we do best in our respective fields. It's the right thing.

23 grammar police

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The internet is full of trolls of all stripes, people hiding behind the veil of autonomy and spitting out the rhetoric they believe in. You would think they find solace in what they do. Of all the types of trolls out there, it is by far the grammar police that people believe commit the most egregious crimes. Always lurking in the shadows of your Facebook feed, ready to pounce on any grammatical mistake anyone might make. As soon as the moment arrives, they strike without hesitation and with the greatest satisfaction in the revenge of a thousand great English teachers.

To teach that the point you were trying to make is void because of your grammatical flaws.

Further asserting his perceived superiority based on his command of the language. It is a game that becomes tiresome for the accused. While correct grammar is important, Facebook is hardly a place people take seriously. It's not a medium that most people check spelling or bother to come up with well-thought-out sentences. It's a place where they can escape the annals of their everyday lives. Wasting time in peace before returning to the real world. We must rise up and end the tyranny of grammar.

22 real men wear pink

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Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. It is a debate as old as time. Boys are supposed to wear blue like sports and cars and all that other manly stuff. Girls are supposed to like pink, dolls, ponies and all that other girly stuff. All is well until you cross paths with a female gearhead who knows more car engines than you do.

You might even get a little excited at the prospect of the opposite sex getting to know muscle cars. However, slide the shoe onto the other foot and all hell breaks loose. Catch a guy wearing pink, let alone riding a pink unicorn, and you might be wondering what team this man is for.

The best answer to that question would undoubtedly be his. Do you think the prince and defender of Eternia really cares what a lesser man thinks about his choice of color palette? It's much more likely that He-Man, arguably the man of all men, is unaffected by the weak thoughts of a man who is not equal to his power. Especially if at some point in their lives they wanted to be him.

21 Who looks better than me?

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Without a doubt, confidence is attractive. It even has the power to make you more attractive than you really are. But with that strength comes a weakness. A deception that clouds judgment and creates a haze that those affected cannot see. Other side effects are arrogance and other untruths that reverse the attractiveness achieved by self-confidence. There are people who see themselves in a certain light. A light that doesn't necessarily illuminate the rest of the world.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can trust that for some, her beauty is something to behold.

They don't care what the rest of the world thinks, and to be honest, why should they? They live their best life in a world saturated with negativity. Why shouldn't they give in to their own illusions and be proud? Because if you want someone to believe something about you, you have to believe it first. You found a way to not feel small. Don't let the thoughts and ideas of others bring you down. To channel your eye candy and project it out into the world for all to see.

20 instagram model

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Instagram is by far one of the most popular social platforms out there. The photo-based app has experienced a meteoric rise for photography enthusiasts, casual users, businesses and brands alike. Hence the phenomenon of the selfie was born. Hence the movement of self-proclaimed Instagram models. With a little subtle lighting, anyone wanting to style themselves as a model can do it. All you need is your phone, the right filter and pose. You no longer have to impersonate Tyra Banks.

The problem with this is that some people go too far in the name of beauty. Instead of becoming Instagram models, they immediately became catfish. Here's something you might not know. Nobody likes to be fished. Pop culture is probably to blame if a little macho is sprinkled over the top. Many expectations are imposed on women about what makes them beautiful. However, the revolution has begun.

Slowly but surely, women are taking back their power and defining for themselves what makes them beautiful. Take what makes them unique or extravagant and turn them into your greatest asset. Well done ladies.

19 You are in my personal area

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There's always that guy or uncle who always wants a hug. Or the friend who is a little too sensitive. The behavior is questionable and almost frightening. Especially for women. Now a hug can be a big deal. In some cases, it can be calming or comforting. In other cases, it can be suggestive and exciting. Whatever your poison, the right hug at the right time can induce euphoric feelings.

However, if you miss the mark, you've just opened the door to a world you don't want to be associated with.

The world of crawling. It doesn't matter if you're really an idiot. Just being noticed as one is enough to make the rumor work and guarantee Freddy Kreuger a hot date on a Friday night ahead of him. Honestly, that would be embarrassing because the guy is super ugly. You don't want to be the eternal good looking guy when the super ugly guy kicks in. How will you be able to live with yourself? There's only one thing to do. Quickly learn the etiquette associated with hugging the opposite sex.

18 Fake friends

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In general, people tend to dislike someone who says one thing and then does another. Especially when done intentionally, with the intent to harm the person doing the act. We've all undoubtedly met someone like that at some point. To say it was frustrating would be the understatement of the century. Often this person's efforts are futile. Their motivations are unclear as to why they would just pretend to want what's best for you. Maybe it's because some people love to do drama and sit back and watch from afar.

It is true that people often do or say things when they think they will be safe from adverse reactions or reprisals. Unbeknownst to them, karma is almost always on their heels, waiting to give them that whooping cough their parents clearly never did. The walls of their erected misery are falling down and they are lost in the destruction they have wrought. No one feels sorry for this person, but somehow they almost always find a way to forgive them.

Some learn their lesson, some don't. They step aside for a while, waiting for the dust to settle and the memory of their betrayal to fade so they can secretly start over.

17 are you really going to use this?

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Fashion is a culture in itself. It's something that connects us or separates us in cliques. It is used to feel good and as a tool to make others feel less valuable. Some use it as a sign of their wealth. They proudly brag about the latest high fashion trends they've seen in their favorite stars. With the right outfit, everyone feels reborn. As if they cared in the world.

However, there is an art to creating the perfect outfit.

People go to school to learn these things. Don't match your outfit and be prepared for fashion snobs to give you an evil glare that would make Medusa herself look away in fear. The withering gaze of judgment will open a hole so deep in your soul that you are in danger of being lost in the abyss of mockery. Every part of your ensemble will be critiqued from head to toe. From your choice of color scheme to whatever accessories you choose to express your personal style.

It can be a harsh, cruel, cold world out there. So pack your bags. Find a warm jacket to keep the doomsday chill at bay. Just make sure your hat fits.

16 Climate change is real

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One of the biggest challenges facing society today is the hot topic of climate change. Some believe that climate change is real and that it will not only have a negative impact on the planet, but on humanity itself. Others believe it's all a hoax perpetrated by a generation ill-equipped to deal with the stresses of everyday life. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall on, there are compelling arguments to be heard. However, no one likes to have ideas imposed on them. They like to draw their own conclusions. This can be a problem for environmentalists. No one has time for you to make up your mind, the world is at stake.

Chicken Little screams that it's cloudy with a chance of meatballs! So you have to adopt your train of thought right away. If history has taught us anything, it's that when someone is told they have to do something, they are likely to do the opposite. Even if they are wrong, they will still do it out of spite. You didn't say what, when and how to do something. They will resist with all their might at every turn, and you can trust them to be a mighty bunch. They will not be moved. Riding a tiger is really cool. Harold & Kumar have already proven this.

15 crew love

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For boys, the support of a well-rehearsed group of friends is essential for getting through the day. Loyalty, dedication and honesty are among the qualities that make the crew a tight-knit bunch. Like wolves, a crew's strength comes from running with the pack rather than running alone. We depend on each other for camaraderie, career advice, and assistance in courting a potential partner. More importantly, when the time comes to attack another crew, they are armed and ready to attack to prove their superiority.

To show our gratitude to our employees, we are committed to the time-honored tradition of roasting.

Nothing says "hey, we're best friends" like mercilessly making fun of your friends. It's a rite of passage that we hope to complete. Kind of like a bat mitzvah, but with savage insults that hurt. Male friendship can be a strange thing. They are often inconstant, but absolutely necessary. The circle of friends a man has around him often defines him and guides his life choices. The wrong group of friends can make life harder than it needs to be. The right group of friends can lead you down a path of opportunity.

14 my my my

27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (14)

Who are we kidding? We live in a very selfish and greedy world. There are those who like to share with their contemporaries, but usually people want to have everything and keep it for themselves. You want to keep all the chips and all the cards. Why should Prince Adam be any different? After all, he is part of the ruling class. It's only natural that he doesn't want to share Grayskull's power.

Honestly, who would want to share the power of Grayskull? Whoever has the power can rule Eternia. There's no way a self-respecting person can miss the chance to become the supreme ruler of Eternia, which is bestowed by the power of Grayskull. This doesn't even seem like something sensible people do. Ruling an entire planet is clearly a dream come true, and it takes the power of Grayskull to do so. Not just part of the power, but all of the power. Power is essential. Like Rice Krispies in those little marshmallows that everyone loves.

However, it is important to keep one thing in mind when determining the correct power distribution ratio. No one is better suited than you to have it all.

13 Bart Gang

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In recent years, the perception of attractiveness of men who wear a beard has increased. It has become a coveted trophy of manhood for men from all walks of life. Not to mention that women like it a lot. For the gangsters of the baby-faced world, the end of the classic shaved face is a disappointment, to say the least. Some clean-shaven men have a good job that requires their face to be clean-shaven.

Others are unhappy enough not to be able to grow up.

Indeed, a beard seems to be endowed with magical human powers. The proof is when a man with a beard shaves his face and turns into a pre-teen boy. The worst thing is to look like Skeleton. Just a sad, bony face. It doesn't look good. Skeletor is by no means what you would call a handsome man. So the prospect of having Skeletor's face is heartbreaking. No guy wants to be the skeleton-faced guy. So if you have skeleton face syndrome, you should either grow a beard or eat some double cheeseburgers. In fact, you must do both.

12 Princesses are not what they used to be

27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (16)

The Disney Princess. The crown jewel of almost every young woman's life. As they watch their favorite princesses, they imagine themselves living in their shoes. The beauty, grace, and unforgettable songs often stay with them until they can share the experience with their daughters when the time comes. But for some girls, the Disney princess ignites the flame of their imagination. For other girls, they dream of being tough warriors who can do anything their male counterparts can. The girl on the playground who hits the boys and tells them to cry to their parents.

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These girls scoff at the prospect of being seen as a weak woman. They don't take nonsense from the boys and some might even wrap a pair of strong arms in time-honored playground romance. These girls are likely to become future world leaders or future UFC fighters. Anyway, everything they do is ruled by an iron fist that you don't want to cross paths with. They are proud of who they are and exude confidence. Traits learned from the She-Ras and Xenas of the world. They are tough, smart and don't take the bull.

11 Knight of Grayskull

27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (17)

There is symbolism in everything. Hidden messages visible to anyone who wants to find them. Messages left by secret societies and ancient orders that may or may not be real. One of the most popular orders is the Knights Templar. After Christians captured the city of Jerusalem in the Crusades, Europeans began to travel to the Holy Land. Some people didn't like this and it caused some problems for travelers.

So a French knight joined some of his family and formed his own army, which he called the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and Solomon's Temple. However, seeing his symbol on the front of Prince Adam's armor begs the question of his origins. A conspiracy theorist might surmise that the true origin of the Knights Templar was forged in the struggle for the dignity of Castle Grayskull on Eternia.

Why else would Eternia's greatest hero see the emblem? If that's true, then what happened to the Order? Are you still there? Are they in the shadows, secretly protecting Grayskull's legacy and power so that it never falls into the hands of evil? No one can be sure of this, but time often tells everything. The power can be yours if you find it and get past its legions of loyal guardians.

10 Prince Adam says "Hey".

27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (18)

In today's internet-centric world, organic moments of all kinds are often captured and posted online for all to see. The internet is a jungle full of savages. Nothing is too sacred or taboo for them. A creative group using their powers on behalf of viral videos to wreak comical havoc on the internet.

A candid photo or video can quickly turn into hundreds of memes that are shared and viewed by millions.

It's a very popular trend and it's not going away anytime soon. If you do something embarrassing, it risks turning into a musical medley for the mob to enjoy forever. Because what happens on the internet today stays on the internet. Prince Adam is no exception to the rule. Internet savages don't care about your power or Eternia. One of the most famous viral videos on YouTube is the re-recording of the song What's Up by 4 Non-Blondes. It's ridiculously wonderful and equally hilarious. A staple of internet culture, it is now destined to live forever in disgrace on the web.

Just when you think the video has finally been forgotten, no doubt it will resurface when you least expect it, bringing back a little moment of nostalgia in your life.

9 Don't tell anyone promise

27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (19)

Everyone has or knows someone who wants you to tell them all of your deepest, darkest secrets and promise to keep them close to your chest. In fact, they couldn't hold water if they were given it in a cup. With tamp. That hermetic screws. Still, they want you to get up and bare your soul, and since they're your friend, you're likely to tell them secrets. Much to your dismay. They mean well and intend with all their hearts to keep any secrets you tell them.

The only problem is, when they talk to people, they have an involuntary spasm that spills all their secrets to anyone who will listen. Well, if you are hiding some infidelity from your significant other or have a second family that you may not know about, then you could be in serious trouble. You can watch everything you've worked so hard for fall apart with a slip of the tongue. While unintentional, the results can be quite devastating for anything you care about in the world. So do yourself a favor. If the situation arises and you feel like it, don't do it.

8 I should go to the gym

27 Hilarious He-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (20)

Prince Adam, Master of the Universe, the power of Grayskull has the kind of physique most boys want. At the very least, they want a detailed rundown of their exercise regimen and nutrition plan so they can pretend they're in shape. Or start the training plan only to find it too difficult and then give up without getting any results. Then blame Prince Adam for your failure.

So when a photo of Prince Adam appears with his eyebrows and chin removed, it brings joy to everyone.

He looks like Eternia's reigning hot dog-eating champion of the past decade. In fact, he might just be the hot dog-eating GOAT on Eternia. Ready to venture out into the universe and challenge anything that stands in the way of his hot dog-eating dominance. After all, Grayskull's reputation is on the line. It will hurt so much when they find out he just has the fat face you really can't tell where his face and neck starts. Everything else is still in top form. This is so disappointing for aspiring He Man Fit fanboys who didn't make it. It's okay, we are who we are.

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