50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (2023)

A 1st birthday invitation formula for a children's party can contain a phrase or wording of a birthday invitation that will make it more attractive and cheerful, making the children want to live the birthday party with all their desires.

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Sample text for a 1st birthday invitation

The following is a collection of texts for birthday cards that can serve as inspiration and that you can customize and reuse as you wish.

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (1)

1st birthdaySuper cute and delicate phrases, phrases for children's birthdays, texts, phrases and phrases for original birthday invitations, super fun, fun, differentbirthday invitation,Phraseologiefor themed birthdays, children's characters, superheroes or princesses, very special texts where the inspiration was the fruit of love for our children, nephews, godchildren and friends.Birthday text for baby, schick,Baptism, communion and much more.

If you know new words and want to publish and share them with us, you can write to us here.

Writing list, sentences and texts for birthday cards

Let's celebrate Juan Pablo's first birthday!
We will wait for you at 10:00 am at 4200 Ave Los Arupos and Calle Los Rosales.
Saturday June 12, 2007.
Mark this date in your calendar and have fun with us.
We will wait for you!

[Name]it came and our whole life changed. After a year of internship as parents we are ready to celebrate her first birthday!!”

Very nice birthday invitation text for kids birthday card

[Name]A sunny day came and brought a lot of joy into our lives. We want to celebrate with everyone[Alter]Years. We're waiting for you..."

The best birthday invitation wording for 1 year olds

"Even if nobody believes it, even if it seems like yesterday, that[Tag]von[mes]It's my first year.[Name]

Sample text for a 1st birthday invitation.

“I have filled the hearts of my mother and family with joy since I was born; From that moment I am very happy, surrounded by pampering, smiles and caresses. I'm growing day by day, I want to thank God for giving me this family, so I'm glad this big day has come, the day I celebrate my first year of life. I'm waiting for you[Tag]In[Std]hs. !!! „

And in another personal card write the address and name of the person sent.

Spiderman 1st Birthday Invitation Wording / Spiderman Card

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (2)

"It's time to activate the spider sense because the birthday of[Name]arrived, the adventure continues[Tag], you must use super powers well to arrive on time[timeline]hs. You have to pass the buildings until you reach his lair, which is inside[ADDRESS]. Remember that you have a great responsibility to fill this party with your great power!! "

Text for car invitation card

"Start your engines...
Step on the accelerator and drive fast[ADDRESS]!!
[Name]TO REACH[Alter]Years.
Accelerate and cross the finish line towards[timeline]Expect…
To be there!!"

Beautiful birthday invitation wording for your 1 year old

"My name is[Name].
My parents have prepared a nice party. I am waiting for you to celebrate together my first year of life, which is celebrated[Tag]In[Calendar]In[Address][/s
Don't miss it We'll have a lot of fun!! "

1st birthday invitation wording

“Before you were just an illusion; We didn't think that day would come soon, after so much pampering and mischief we remember the day of your arrival and we will share with everyone inexplicable feelings for the blessing of turning 1 year old.”

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (3)

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Birthday Invitation Wording for a 1 Year Minnie Baby Card

I'm telling you I'll organize this1 year of my baby
The character I chose is Minnie Baby and my chubby loves Mickey's show...
and on the invitation card I wrote the following:

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (4)

"It was a day like this when my very happy parents welcomed me,my grandparents,my uncle, and anotherLoverhe gave me hisamar.
It's time for my freshman year and I'd like to have you with me, so I'll wait for you[ADDRESS], In[Tag]In[timeline]hrs I hope you don't miss it!![Name]

Baby shower card birthday invitation wording

Make way, I'm coming!
Is[Tag]It's my baby shower.
Mom and I will be waiting for you!!
Since we won't go into my bed, we'll do it inside[ADDRESS], In[timeline]. Do not miss!!
I promise to be good!!

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation Text

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (5)

“Join us on a magical day across the rainbow.

[Name], we celebrate yours[Number]Years !!"

"A magical day is coming!![Name], turns 1 year old!!"

“Join in and celebrate with us[Name]a magical and special party.”

“One is the moon. One is the sun. One is the year I celebrate!!”

Text for a Toad Pepe birthday card

I'm preparing the party for my beautiful daughterwho will be 2nd, and I prepared this Toad Pepe birthday card:

“Come, come everyone, jump like frogs, everyone is invited to enjoy a delicious cake indoors with happiness and joy[Name]In[Tag]on the avenue of joy[ADDRESS].
Come to have fun.
I'm waiting for you…

For himfirst year of my baby, the invitation was shaped like a bear and the back read:

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (6)

"Hello! If you come,
I invite you to be part of an important event. Which?
My first year of life. Thank God for allowing me to be here today and share this happiness with you.
In[ADDRESS]In[Tag]In[timeline], Do not miss!!
To share this blessing that God gave me in life with my parents!! "

Text for princess birthday invitation

I invented this text for the birthday invitation, I hope you like it =)

“The special day has come for me, my parents, family and friends.
In this enchanted forest where rabbits, birds and deer accompany me to become a little princess, I hope to find you in my castle where a special party will be held.
I wait for you[Tag]In[Std]In[ADDRESS].
Do not miss!!! "

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A birthday invitation wording for Winnie the Pooh themed party card

"In the Hundred Acre Wood in the morning[Tag]In[timeline],
the second birthday of[Name]is celebrated.
Pooh, Tiger, Pig and Higor are going to have an incredible party with no surprises and all their friends, which of course includes you.
The party is at Pooh's house[ADDRESS]. Take care! "

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (7)

I invite you to share agame afternoon,custody, and cake to celebrate my first year!
I'm waiting for you[Tag], In[ADDRESS]von[timeline]hs a[timeline]hs.
Do not miss! (It's not suspended! because of the rain)”

"I'll celebrate mine[Number]Years!
because you are very special to me
I want you to share this day with me! It will be unforgettable! I wait for you[ADDRESS], In[Tag], In[timeline].
Do not miss! your presence."

My baby is one year old and the birthday card is composed as follows:
"In[Tag]I'm my first year old and my parents prepared a nice party for me.
I will see a lot of balloons anda big cake, and I want you to be with me, I'm waiting for you..."

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (8)

” ”[Name]Celebrate with us this special day when I receive our Lord Jesus Christ for the first time.
The fair takes place on[Datum]In[timeline].
In the [church name] ([ADDRESS]) and then in room [room name] ([ADDRESS]) “

"12 magical months, 365 beautiful days, 8760 delightful hours... 1 perfect year!!"

"Before I was my parents' illusion, I am now the joy of my home!!
My fathers [names], I invite you to celebrate mine[Alter]Years…
[Datum],[timeline],[ADDRESS]Do not miss! !!

You can write this notebest sonText of the invitation when he was one year old:

"A year ago you saw my birth.
A year ago you saw me grow and today is the day
I want to share my first year of life with you. I wait for you[ADDRESS],
Do not miss!!"

Spider-Man Birthday Invitation Text Card

I'm passing on the birthday invitation wording for the invitation card I used for my son's birthday:

"Spider Man[Name]Invite all your superhero friends to the big costume party[Datum]In[timeline]In[ADDRESS]
Don't miss it and avoid being discovered!!
Take care !!"

I am organizing my baby's birthday, which will be Fifi, and on the invitation card I wrote the following sentence:

"My birthday, it was a morning that I came into this world (day - month - year),
I was received by my parents:[parents names],
They gave me a beautiful name:[Name], and I am delighted to invite you to celebrate my birthday on[Datum]In[ADDRESS]and in[timeline]
I'm waiting for you !!! "

Birthday invitations for pirates and princesses!

50+ Best Texts for 1st Anniversary Invitations 2022 | the best birthday (9)

I had a pirate party for my son and the text on the invitation card was as follows:

[front of invitation card]"The pirate[Name]invite…"

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[In the invitation]"To celebrate his birthday.
I'll wait for you at the port[Ort],
we will sail[Datum],
Don't miss out on all this fun. "

little princess invitation card

"The Royal Family (last name) is calling out their prizes for their birthday[Name],
In[Time]in the castle[ADDRESS].
We are waiting !!"

I sent the guest a card to write their last name on and the receptionist at the party will read it and announce him as the Count[surname, last name]The Duke[surname, last name]The Duchess[surname, last name]invite him to enter the castle!!

Birthday invitation wording for pirate birthday card

"The next[Datum],
In[timeline]My ship will be sailing to new adventures, so I thought you should be part of the captain's crew.[Name],
The appointment is coming[ADDRESS]Remember that only you are missing and don't forget to bring lots of fun...
I'm waiting for you, don't miss it!!!

We're going on a treasure hunt.
You're invited to the captain's pirate party.[Name]on the jetty[ADDRESS].
The shipping day is[Datum]In[timeline].

Do not miss. There will be many surprises and treasures!!

Cowboy and Cowboy Card Birthday invitation wording

Hello! My chubby is 2 years old and I decided to throw him his cowboys and cowboys themed party and I made the card with a photo of him that says:

[Name]He's a cowboy feared by all in the Wild West LOOKING FOR REWARDS.”

The birthday card was like the posters used in movie theaters in the Wild West.

Birthday invitation text for a farm themed party. Read this very funny and super original birthday invitation phrase.

"My house will dress up like a farm to celebrate my birthday.
The rooster will crow its initial Quiri Quiqui[timeline]Hs.
The cow, duck and sheep said it will be a very fun birthday and we will have a great time when you arrive!!!!
No meeeeeeeeee cases!!! "

Birthday invitation wording for the clowns theme card.

"My clowns and I are waiting for you to spread all our excitement and joy[ADDRESS]In[Tag]von[start time]and to[end time].[Name]

Another birthday invitation text for "Clown Party". Excellent idea to add that extra set.

""[Name of the guest]You are a special person and therefore you are invited to a very special party prepared for me with a spectacular show of clowns, magic, music and lots of games!!!

On the other hand, I added additional data in smaller letters so that the parents of the invited children were calmer with the place where the birthday party will be held:

The party room has a very special decoration, a super baseball player, a big bouncy castle, air conditioning and medical care. My father's mobile [phone] is sent so you can contact them in case of any concerns or inconveniences.

"Call everyone
Superheroes !!!
We have a great mission to celebrate[Number]years from[Name].


we will be fair[Datum]In[timeline]. In[ADDRESS]

"All superheroes are summoned!!!
I need your help.
Come immediately!
You can bring your favorite superhero costume.”

"Hallo[Name of the guest],
I want to share my joy with you! That's why I invite you to my party[Datum]von[start time]A[end time].
I wait for you[ADDRESS].

"I invite you to my birthday party, which will take place on[Tag]In[ADDRESS]von[start time]A[end time][Name]

"This Saturday[Tag]It's my birthday.
I spin[Alter]years and I would love to celebrate them with my friends!!

It will be agreat birthday party,with surprises, a giant bouncy castle anddelicious healthy food.

Birthday is in the classrooms[Zimmer]left inside[ADDRESS]von[start time]and to[end time]Take care! "

"Hallo,[Name of the guest]!
I hope so[Tag]von[start time]and to[end time]to spend a spectacular day together and to enjoy my birthday party together.
Do not miss!"

Write a surprise birthday card

TOP SECRET - Do you know how to keep a secret?
she doesn't know, she doesn't expect it. For his birthday we would like to invite you to his SURPRISE party!!!
Do not miss!"

It's a surprise party.
We invite you to celebrate the surprise birthday of[Name].
We will wait for you!!!

Super original birthday invitation text

1) Someone who turns one year older.
2) A cake "to celebrate with".
3) Friends" with whom to "have fun and party...
...we have a birthday party. We have food and drinks, you just need it!! ”

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