A guide to buy pelikan (2023)

A guide to buy pelikan (1)

"The three bears" de Arthur Rackham

When I started collecting Pelikan source pencils, I felt overwhelmed by the available variety.There are so many ways that it is difficult to get ahead, especially for a newcomer to the brand.Where is the best place to start?Unfortunately, there is unfortunately there.Is not a roadmap and many of us have learned a little from our colleagues and diving a lot on the head.Decidí even write this public a second, third or more.The decision to invest in the brand are excellent pens of a historical brand that carries out a long quality tradition.Many people seem to have more than one pelican, and the collectors and users know just as well that the idea of the Pelikan Fountain is multiplied directly under their noses.The difficult part of Decisie's decision -making processes must decide which pelican can be obtained because there are many options.Should you choose a modern pen or a vintage model?What are the advantages and disadvantages of every route?What other considerations are there?I recently read the story ofGold rich and the three bearsFor my two -year -old son and I thought about how the applicable Goldillocks experience could buy a pen of the Pelikan fountain.One model can be too big, another too small and another too light or too heavy or too heavy.From brick and mortar, it can be very difficult to try before buying, which leads to many of our purchase decisions, which are based exclusively on descriptions, photos and ratings.It can be very difficult to find this "correct" coincidence in the purchase with what follows, I hope to give you a small perspective about the landscape of Pelican so that you can browse better between the different models and with your purchasecan make a more well -founded decision.

In the discussion that occurs, I will try to highlight some of the biggest problems and to consider some of the problems when deciding on a purchase.I will also give some suggestions for the suitable models that have to be taken into account, especially for someone who is new to the brand, what I will not do is to tell you which pen is better, as this is such a subjective assessment andVary from person to person.With every model discussed, I will try to deliver an average price($$$)that these pens bring to the current market.Please understand that you are a manual.I am sure that I missed some decent details.In this case, please set you in the comment section below.If I am accordingly, I will link the text with the articles previously published on this website, if you want to read more.

Modern (1970 present) against vintage (Anterior A 1970)

The first important factor must be whether a modern pen or something from the vintage catalog should be preserved or not.Vintage is a term that is started very freely around the pen of the abbey.Like every pen before 1970. After this date, you are in the modern period of production in relation to techniques and materials.At that time we will start our discussion with a breathtaking fountain pen Pense appearance.

Modern (1970-Present):

These pens generally use modern manufacturing techniques and materials because they are manufactured in the past 45 years.They are of resistant constructions and have so far been well cared for.When buying a used pen of the modern era, it is generally not that you don't have to ask whether the pen works or not, he usually does it.LönXceptions).As a rule, the model numbers, the pens used in MXX0, often simply require a thoroughcleaningas well aslubricationthe piston assembly.The most important things when buying a pen are the condition of the tip, the barrel, the lid and the furniture.

1) If it is a sovereign after 1997, take a look at the setting ring in the section, since it was over time and continuous exposure to the ink ran but the M600 contained the decorative case before its redesign.

A guide to buy pelikan (2)

Corrosion [red arrows] of a gold -placed section adaptation ring (Pelikan Black M600 before 97)

2) As already mentioned, Pelikan redesigned his lines in 1997.For the classic series, this meant the transition from derby covers to crown covers.At the beginning of the Derby cover -Tap -Tap race, a solid plastic thread that tends to crack.Finally, it was replaced by a thread -measuring use.If it falls, the derby cover cover could break.

(Video) a gem from Germany | Pelikan M1000 Souveran Fountain Pen Review

A guide to buy pelikan (3)

A crack [red arrows] on a derby lid lid (Pelikan Black M250, Pre-97)

3) A final consideration for modern and vintage pencils would be microcrats.You are expected with regular use of a pen.They are not a deep scratch and they shouldn't be able to indulge their fingers.Often they can be.Polished if you want.You can accumulate in advance in a pen that has a regular and faithful service and have to decide what your level of comfort is.Microcrats often do not affect sales in my experience, unless it is exaggerated.

A guide to buy pelikan (4)

Microcrats [red rectangle] on a lid (Pelikan Black M250, Pre-97)

When the piston moves and visual inspection passes, it is likely that a sustainable pen is looking for luxury offers of the upper end.

  • Classic:($ 95-165)The classic series takes on the role of an exclusive pelican in Pelikan and furniture.The M1XX line is generally preferred by those who like the smaller pen.Hello, it is well balanced when they are published, and I find them easy to use even with slightly larger hands.Size as a sovereign M400 and in different surfaces gets of light weight and cannot attract those who prefer a heavier pen.M215 makes this to a certain extent by absorbing a metal barrel with additional weight.Most of these lines are now hung up, but you can still buy the new M150, M200 and M205.While the M215 stock is located, you can still turn around, many as new old actions, and it is worth looking for all models and variations that are available in the classic series on this website.Database.

    A guide to buy pelikan (5)

    Classic series, Post -97: Black -Burgundy M150 (top) and crème M200 coffee (below)

  • Sovereign:($ 250-700)This is Pelikan's luxury line and the pens in this category have a price.If you are updated from the classic series, you will receive a higher level of finishing, golden tips and a polished finish.This series also gradually increases.This line consists of M3XX, M4XX, M6XX, M8XX and M10XX.A measure that is promoted in the model is in the traditional striped surfaces of Pelican and, despite their luxury status, are no less durable.The taste and the level of comfort.As a rule, the M3XX line is small, in the shadow of the M4XX, which is a standard size.Has a little more length and width, but it remains light and agile.The M8XX and M10XX are even larger and incorporan sets of brass pistons, which give them considerable weight without being difficult.It is likely that it is a sovereign of the budget is the greatest obstacle to the acquisition, but you can have offers if you are ready to search for a gently used model.

    A guide to buy pelikan (6)

    (Video) THE HOLY GRAIL FOUNTAIN PEN! Unboxing and Review: Pelikan M800

    Sovereign series, Post -97 from left to right: Ruby Red M320, Red Rayado M400, M600 Green Rayado, Tortoishell Brown M800

Vintage (anterior A 1970):

Buying an old pen is not as clear as buying a modernity.These pens have seen more use (86 years for the oldest in the property) and were made for a time when the materials and manufacturing techniques in the news were not so ripe.This news was not so ripe.This is still worth the search for a pen of the Pelikan vintage fountain, as long as you take only a few outstanding points into account.

1) The first pen in this category, such as 100 and 100 N, was made with hard rubber components, the color change (brown discoloration) and imbalances can experience over time.Borders, sections and piston buttons in which they are closely inspected must these older models.If perhaps less aesthetically pleasant, the color change affects the function in any way and can largely not be reversed.

A guide to buy pelikan (7)

Originally black hard rubber section now with brown discoloration

2) Pelikan's vintage offers were marked with Ebonite food (hard rubber), which are marked by picturesque fins.This is a porous plastic that adapts perfectly to the function of a diet and is considered superior to modern plastic foods.Discomfort in relation to power compared to modern plastics less robust.These can be easily broken if they fall or damage when removing a tip if you are not careful.They appear and even a food with slightly damaged fins can continue to work without obstacles.

A guide to buy pelikan (8)

Feed Ebonit with a scriptpack [red arrows] that is still fully functional (Pelikan Tortoishell Brown 400, 1952)

3) Earlier models have aCork sealthat Pelikan was used until around 1940 when Cork was difficult to preserve during the war.Less than a pen, it may not be the right option for a buyer, but it should certainly not be afraid.Was a big improvement, but it was also observed that they are missing over time.After Cork, Pelikan, he switched to a neoprene connection associated with contraction, a problem that is usually only discovered after purchase.From the back of the run or a pen that is not filled, you should first consider an incompetent piston stamp.Affairs can be replaced by several penal repair specialists.

A guide to buy pelikan (9)

(Video) Why choose a Pelikan pen?

Piston set with a corken stamp (Pelikan 100n)

4) The 400/N/NN and other models of this time had a metal cover in the lid.This function, the top drying out the tip over time, the metal feed has not done this.This has led to line cracks (known as lirines) within many limits, which is a frequent and well -documented problem.It has to be searched for before buying, but small cabins do not affect the functionality or damage anything.

A guide to buy pelikan (10)

A line line rupture [red arrows] on a lid (Pelikan Tortoiseshell Brown 400nn)

5) Several models such as the 400nn, 120 and 140 were equipped withPolystyrene necklaceThat it was a short -term trend in the 50s and 60s.Replacement chains and there are other work, but a failed necklace can cause headaches and should be something you know whether one of the concerned thoughts is chasing.

A guide to buy pelikan (11)

Place the clear polystyrene necklace.http://goo.gl/xHAqXf

6) The brass, the use of the event location of the furniture to unveil the metal underneath, must also be taken into account.Depending on how well the pen is taken in old models different degrees.It is more of a cosmetic problem.But certainly the appearance and value of a pen worsen.If it has no functional effects, it can't be done much to fix it when it is available.

A guide to buy pelikan (12)

Brassing [Red Arrow] in a lid tape (Pelikan Green Striped 140)

(Video) UNBOXING Dip Pens & PELIKAN Graphos Technical Drawing Set

While the above sounds after death and darkness in the Vintage sand, this is really not the case.These are simply some of the things you should look for when you think about buying a vintage.remained wonderful and will continue to support adequate attention.There are many spectacular examples.With the knowledge of what and what is to be expected, your purchase of an old abbey should be much easier.

  • 100/100n:($ 165)These are excellent pens that have a rich history and are small for current standards, but are available with some phenomenal tips.I think new in the brand.A guide to buy pelikan (13)
  • 120:($ 40)This is a school pen with a gold -plated stainless steel tip.He was only available in a few ends and saw two different production in his life (during his life (1955-65y1973-77).It is not the most striking pen, but it is certainly reliable.They can be solid writers without the production models of the upper ending the production models of the upper end, which they often provide at affordable prices.A guide to buy pelikan (14)
  • 140:($ 80)This would be a large amount in my list of recommendations for Pelikan buyers for the first time when they are looking for writing, is generally total joy.These are generally low and do the work.The 140 have a discrete appearance in which he believes in their great capacity.A guide to buy pelikan (15)
  • Ibis: ($ 75)It may not be the first old pen to search, but it is worth it when selling.This was a lower final line published by Gunther Wagner, but they would not know, based on the writing experience.A guide to buy pelikan (16)
  • 400/n/nn:($ 150)This is the number one pen that I would recommend to anyone who wants to enter the old Pelicans.They are wonderfully designed, they are reliable and remain relatively low and functional maintenance many decades later.The tips are a joy to use and you can really add joy and thrive on his letter.The 400NN is in a certain abundance on the used market and although the prices vary, they can be collected very reasonably with some patience.If only one vintage -Pelikan pencil can have, this is probably the one that it has to get.A guide to buy pelikan (17)

Other considerations

With the topic of modern vintage, we only have a few smaller details that I would like to mention.

Cartring/board converter:

Personally, I prefer a piston fill pen for simple use, cleaning and ink capacity with great volume.This does not mean that you do not respect the converting cartridges/pen or recognize your place in the Abbey Abbey.Many large models of cartridges that are often much more affordable than their cousins, which are piston -filling, and I will only describe a few in detail here.

  • P200/205:($ 130)These two models are the latest children in the block, modeled the M200 and M205 source pens.It is not interchangeable.They are still reliable and modern that do their work well as long as they prefer a light pen.A guide to buy pelikan (18)
  • Turn: ($ 10)The Twist is also one of Pelikan's latest offers, which are available in a variety of interesting and funny colors.This pen has an ergonomic grip section, which some are comfortable and others.If a triangular grip does not attract it, this is not the pen.For her.A clip is also missing in this model and is a bit bulky, but the stainless steel tip is soft and offers a solid performance, which makes it worth mentioning.It is also a relatively economic pen that facilitates experimentation.A guide to buy pelikan (19)
  • Pelican:($ 20) According to the 120 described above, Pelikano is a school pen that has had many incarnations over the years.These have big tips, they are durable and do not stop working when asked.You can have offers on the used market and it is worth it, it is worth it and it is worth it, it is worth it and it is worth it, it is worth it and it is worth itIs worth it, it's worth it, and it is worth it that it is worth it that you are worth.The investment when you find a version that suits you.A guide to buy pelikan (20)
  • Silvexa:($ 30)This model came in piston and cartridges.Like the pelican of pens that are an excellent way to follow.A guide to buy pelikan (21)


Pelikan's tips deserve your own little discussion.Today's modern offers are limited and will only find current production models that are equipped with NIBAS EF, F, M and B of the factory, with which you can write something wider than your name and without significant line variation.A good general rule, even more for gold tips than stainless steel, is to order a smaller size than that it is real interest not to be disappointed.Amplitude of the line.Despite this small, flattering description, today's tips are mostly reliable and throw a wonderfully soft and moist line.They work as designed and this quantity that enables simply grinding/adjustments from the bending of the bow.Today's tips cannot avoid pale. I think.These oldest tips usually have fewer tip material, but they are mainly for semi -flexible.

A guide to buy pelikan (22)

M600 EF NIB with a tip around 2003 (top) and M600 F NIB with tip around 1990 (below)

  • 1995 present:In general, these are the fixed tips with generous flexions described above.You will clearly do the job makes a very gentle writing experience, but sometimes drier inks are needed to tame the river.It can still find sloping and triple wider in front of this data area, but they have gradually removed in recent years.
  • 1980-1995: These tips are not hindered by a large drop of flexion material that has a ghost and it is fun to write with it.In the recent followers of the company.These are the tips that I enjoy most, the modern era of production.
  • Anterior A 1980:In particular, I would concentrate on the tips of the 1954-1965 logo.The flat and thick tip offers a good line variation of the box and can often find half -references or larger tips if this is the taste.However, not everyone is not all the same and you may have to try some to find one that works for you.As soon as you do this, it is likely that it will not offer your last idea in Pelikan's NIB vintage.The "script" tips from 1929-1954 they too are a pleasure and should not be excluded because they mostly have the same properties that I personally have less experience with them.

A guide to buy pelikan (23)

Spricing nib of a 400 around 1952 (left) and a 400nn logo tip around 1960 (right)

New against AS-ARE against restored

(Video) Pelikan M800 M400 M200 M150 comparative and writing test

One thing everyone should consider is that every purchase of the abbey should take into account the additional work that may be necessary.The tips, even in modern and new pencils to write the maximum potential.The quality of quality quality is infallible and the pen with incorrectly oriented teeth or other topics was well documented in the forum forums.I hope this is the minority experience, but one with which you have to be prepared.Pelikan allows 30 -day exchanges in new purchases via his distributor Chartpak.

Old pens may have invisible damage or need a new seal that corresponds to additional costs.I am action and plan 50 US dollars for every purchase of a second hand pen that I only do in case that they have problems.Often they do not do this, but everyone who takes the purchase seriously and a pen enjoys unless evidence is clearly presented that the pen was treated by a qualified restorer.This is not the case when a well -known retailer is bought to support a restoration and offers a kind of guarantee. Rick, for example fromThe PenguinHe stops behind his pens and although they are often more expensive than he can find in another place, they are delivered with the support of a Pelikan guru, and the calm they buy is expected.It should decide what your budget allows and with what you feel comfortable.If you get experience with the brand, it will be much easier to buy a pen to require additional work to restore functionality.Starting with the brand, you stay in safer waters to ensure the best possible purchase experience.


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