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It has been over two years since the last season premiere ofDr. Martin, and many fans abandoned the ideaDr. Martin, Season 10. There is good news, however. Not only is season 10 taking place, filming is about to begin as well.


If you've lived under a rock for the past 17 years, you've probably heard of itDr. Martin. The long-running "comedy-drama" follows Dr. Martin Ellingham, a hard-to-love doctor in a fictional coastal village in Cornwall. He was a successful vascular surgeon in London until he suddenly developed a blood phobia that forced him to resign from his post.

The series follows her adjustment to life in a small community. Ellingham is a surly man with few social skills and no real desire to improve them - so living in the same small group of people brings all sorts of challenges.

When he is professional and efficient, the villagers consider him gruff and unfriendly. When he points out the dangers of the villagers' bad habits, they don't appreciate his advice. But over time, they all learn to get along - and Ellingham even builds relationships and a decent life in the village.

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The character was loosely based on the character of Dr. Martin Bamford2000 Moviesaving grace, and there isprevious two films(although they don't really feel any of itDr. Martinknow and love).

Need to catch up? You canWatch the first nine seasons of Doc Martin HERE.

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Season 10 was originally set to start filming in 2021, but the pandemic has made it difficult for studios to plan for lockdowns and secure commitments from people being pulled in all directions once production resumes. Luckily, they didn't abandon the project, which was supposed to continue in 2022.

Casting Services has just released casting calls for Season 10 and is offering a February 2022 start date for filming. With filming taking several months and post-production to follow, it's likely that the new season will premiere in late 2022.

Traditional new seasons ofDr. Martinaired in early fall, so they would follow the trend. However, as of this writing, it's still too early to set an official premiere date for Season 10. This is usually announced within a month or two of the broadcast.

Dr. MartinIt's an ITV series, so in the UK look for it on ITV (and later on the ITV Hub).

In the US, the first 9 seasons appeared onBolota-TV. While we haven't seen any official confirmation yet, it seems highly likely that they will be the place to catch Season 10 when it premieres.

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Of course, Martin Clunes as Dr. Martin Ellingham in season 10. There is no show without her.

(Video) DOC MARTIN Series 10 Filming Starts for Fall 2022 Release: Martin Clunes Gets Ready to Say Good-Bye

Also, we still haven't received any official confirmation on the characters' return. Typically, these details are released sometime between the casting calls and the actual shooting dates.

It seems likely that we'll see Caroline Catz return as Louisa, and we certainly hope all the regulars return. It just wouldn't be the same without Ian McNeice as Bert Large, Joe Absolom as Al Large, Selina Cadell as Mrs Tishell, John Marquez as Joe Penhale, Eileen Atkins as Ruth Ellingham and Jessica Ransom as Morwenna Newcross.

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Unfortunately. Producers have mentioned on numerous occasions that season 10 will be the final season ofDr. Martin. In 2020, Clunes and his wife, producer Philippa Braithwaite, released a joint statement about the upcoming season:

We love doing nine setsDr. Martin. When we launched the series in 2004, we never imagined how much our loyal viewers would accept the feisty Doc as themselves. The series has adoring fans in the UK and around the world and we're thrilled that Doc Martin has topped the ratings every time.

However, after sixteen years, it is time to say goodbye to Portwenn. We will be making the tenth and final series in 2021 and look forward to returning to Cornwall to film it.

Polly Hill, head of ITV drama, echoed these sentiments:

I just want to thank Martin and Philippa and everyone involvedDr. Martin, because it is a bright, well-made series that has delighted audiences for many years. I am happy that we are doing the 10th series and unfortunately this will be the last one, but please respect your decision to end it.

We were lucky to be able toMartin Clunes-Interviewbefore season 9 (before season 10 was confirmed). We asked him what he would miss most if the show didn't return for another season. He said that:

(Video) Acorn TV Exclusive | Doc Martin Season 9 | Coming Back to Cornwall

Ohhhh, that's a good question. I would miss the chance to be an actor is a pretty dumb job anyway so the chance to play this dumb game in such a cool place with such a great group of talented people in the crew and cast. It just gives you a very safe playground to do what we do, if you know what I mean.

We're all very nice to each other and I think that basically means it's a rare opportunity to celebrate, have fun and do something good in one day rather than just get another day of shooting. . . and stick to the schedule if you know what I mean. So I would miss that because I think it might be the last good job in British TV.(Laugh).

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Can't get enough of Martin Clunes? In case you missed the news a while back, he recently starred in a second season of the true crime dramatization.manhunt.

The series follows Clunes as DCI Colin Sutton, a highly successful real-life detective who has helped apprehend some of Britain's worst criminals. Unlike many true crime stories, it focuses more on the painstaking work of the police investigators than the criminals themselves.

You canWatch both seasons of Manhunt on Acorn TV HERE.

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Dr. MartinIt was filmed in the Cornish village of Port Isaac - so yes, it's a real place to visit.

It's a small village and visiting during filming can be crowded, difficult and expensive. Still, some people come from near and far to have a look at the filming process. In the past, Acorn TV even offered travel packages that included a filming stop + a meet and greet.

We don't know if they will this time and it's unclear what the UK travel restrictions will be in February and the coming months. If you decide to plan a trip for upcoming filming dates, we strongly recommend that you fully insure/refund your trip in the event of new travel restrictions.

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Prefer to see Port Isaac virtually? look at oursVirtual tour of the filming location of Doc Martin.

While we've heard from some people that they've lost interest as the series has progressed, it seems that the overwhelming majority of fans will be saddened to see thisDr. MartinEnd - even after 10 seasons and almost 20 years. We are looking forward to another season and hope it will be a good one. We wish them all the best for their upcoming filming dates.

Stefanie Hutson

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Is Doc Martin season 10 being filmed? ›

Sadly, Doc Martin season 10 is the final ever series of the Martin Clunes hit drama. So, it will be bittersweet for fans when the show returns on ITV in autumn 2022, then ends with a Christmas special.

When was season 10 of Doc Martin filmed? ›

The latest season of popular “Doc Martin” series has started filming in February 2022.

Are they filming Doc Martin 2022? ›

The Christmas special was filmed back in February 2022, before production on the final season began.

Is Martin Clunes daughter in Doc Martin? ›

Why did Mrs Tishell leave Doc Martin? ›

Mrs Tishell decides she can no longer hide her love for Martin and, fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, takes drastic action. Mrs Tishell decides she can no longer hide her love for Martin and, fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, takes drastic action.


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