Electric Fireplace With Cornice [Definitive Review 2022] (2023)

Wall mounted electric fireplaces are a subset of a much larger category of wood burning stoves.electric fireplaces. When you choose an electric fireplace for your home, there are many styles and designs to choose from, such as the ones above, and your audio and video electronics on both sides as storage shelves that are extremely convenient to use.

However, this blog post will not address these types of electric fireplaces. Instead, let's focus on electric wall mounted fireplaces and how they can help transform your home, becoming your living room orbedroom focal point. By the end of this article, we will have talked about what isThe best wall mounted electric fireplace2018 and why we think so, with data to back up everything we say.

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What is an Electric Wall Fireplace?

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Let's start by talking about what exactly a wall-mounted electric fireplace is. Unlike the other types of electric fireplaces we talked about above, a wall mounted electric fireplace sits on the floor virtually anywhere in your home and is usually flush against the wall. Typically, a homeowner chooses a wall with a pre-installed outlet so they can plug their electric fireplace directly into a 110-volt power source, which can power the electric fireplace, heater, and other vital electronics like LED lights.

The cool thing is the wall-mounted electric fireplacesthey can fit in any room in your house, they are quite inexpensive and easy to assemble. We've even seen people put wall-mounted electric fireplaces in their bathrooms to warm them up when they get out of the shower, or even as a romantic centerpiece in a fancy bedroom. Replace options withwall mounted electric fireplacesare virtually endless, as long as you have room for them.

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

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Now you must be wondering what are the advantages of an electric fireplace? Well, there are many benefits to owning an electric fireplace. For example, and probably the biggest deal, is how easy they are to use. There is no need to store firewood or even gas as electric fireplaces run on electricity alone and that's all. Another great advantage of electric fireplaces is that they work extremely clean. Because they don't burn wood, they won't fill your house with smoke and ash that will be messy and unhealthy for your kids to breathe.

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A good electric fireplace will simulate good flames, but since it's not real, it won't cause any chaos. Your home will look cleaner and you'll have a lot less mess with an electric fireplace. Not to mention you can't burn yourself or scald your loved ones because it doesn't get too hot and of course there's no risk of your apartment catching fire as it's just a simulated fire.

How easy are wall mounted electric fireplaces?

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Now let's start talking about a specific brand so we can really dig into the brass tax. In the remainder of this article, we will refer specifically to thoseMagikFlame HoloFlame ElektrokaminNew for 2018 wall cladding. The MagikFlame HoloFlame is probably the easiest electric fireplace I have ever used in my entire life. And the reason for this lies in the innovative way MagikFlame HoloFlame configures its user controls.

I've never seen a wall-mounted electric fireplace that actually had a built-in touchscreen. For those who don't know, a touchscreen is the same as the smartphone you carry every day. But these guys at MagikFlame have found a great way to use the same kind of touchscreen technology to control all of your electric fireplace's functions.

For example, you can change the flames as you like or even turn the sound up or down, and of course the heating can be controlled to bring your room to a comfortable temperature. The fact that you don't have to look around your house trying to find the remote is a huge benefit of an integrated touchscreen, as it glows brightly in a dark room and you don't have to squint at those tiny buttons. figuring out how to use the remote is a big plus in our book. It's all very intuitive and makes sense.

Just like you would, of course. You don't have to think about it. Just do what feels natural and you'll have the basic controls down. The MagikFlame HoloFlame Wall Fireplace is the easiest to use fireplace we've ever tested.

Which electric fireplace has the most realistic flames?

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The Best Electric Fireplace MagikFlame HoloFlame is by far the winner when it comes to the most realistic flames. The reason for this is simple. Virtually all other electric fireplaces use some type of simulated fire effect to try to make a fire look like the real thing. Many of these fireplaces use a system of light that reflects off a fuse onto a screen that displays what looks a little like fire but not really and only a mile away.

This is because most other fireplace manufacturers seem to rely heavily on a mechanical effect that creates a fake fire, and even the best ones don't produce realistic looking flames. They all look extremely fake, but that's not the case with MagikFlame because it uses an entirely different technology to create the most realistic flames we've ever seen. Seriously, this thing's flames are a sight to behold, and they look so much better in person than they do in photos, not least because their technology works differently.

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We really had to do a bit of research and really dissect the HoloFlame electric fireplace to understand what made it so realistic. Well, the first thing we discovered is that it uses actual video footage that they've captured of real fires, rather than trying to simulate a fire with some sort of mechanical effect.

The coolest thing about filming a real fire is that you get a fire that looks extremely realistic because it's blowing in the wind like a chimney, there's even smoke coming out of the logs and it's a piece whose flames even have burning embers like heated pieces of wood that fly in the air, they glow red, cool and die. You wouldn't see these kinds of subtle effects on any other electric fireplace, but since this one uses video footage of fires, it looks extremely realistic as it actually starts with real flame material and uses a little Star Wars magic to make it look like it was the real thing. logs burn, like a real fireplace. It's amazing...

They found this really cool way to make it look like your records are really on fire. You'll see your actual logs placed within the electric fireplace insert, which is of course in the fireplace. These electric fireplace logs have built-in LCD lights controlled by a computer that flash red and orange in different ways. This will make your logs really look like heated logs with embers burning and glowing.

So they figured out this really cool technology to actually take the flames that we talked about earlier, which were all made of real fire material, and actually project that in 3D right onto the log that's actually there. The physical log set in the insert below appears to be burning with living flames, all linked to real videos.

This HoloFlame Wall Fireplace is so much more than just the screen with a fake fire behind the logs. It looks as good as a real electric fireplace, and even better because the one we tested has 26 flames to choose from, which is more than I ever thought possible when I started using electric fireplaces. The others we've seen from other manufacturers only have a few flames and are only a few different colors. The MagikFlame is truly a sight to behold when it comes to the most realistic wall mounted electric fireplace available in a landslide.

What other features does this wall-mounted electric fireplace have?

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When I start talking about the features that the MagikFlame HoloFlame electric fireplace has, I get dizzy like a kid. I mean, this thing is literally like the fireplace of dreams come true. I mean, these guys are so far ahead of every other electric fireplace that I can't believe the features they offer for free.

First of all, all your fires have sounds, which is really important. Many of the electric fireplaces on the market have no sound or perhaps have tiny speakers that sound like absolute rubbish. But apparently the quality of the speakers in the HoloFlame Electric Wall Fireplace is extremely high, so you can hear every little detail with crystal clear clarity. I've enjoyed endless hours of popping and popping sound effects that just make this thing feel real. And of course, with the built-in heater and beautiful visuals, this fireplace feels real and sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize I'm looking at an illusion of fire.

The feature list goes on and on with this thing. They even have what they call background nature sounds that I've never heard of in any other electric fireplace before. Can you imagine that when you relax with this thing you can't actually have the sound of relaxing ocean waves to make you feel like you're at the beach, or even sounds of nature to make it seem like you are you? Camping with birdsong and frogs to make you feel outdoors. They even have a rain and thunder setting that makes it feel like there's a huge storm outside your house, which combined with the warmth of the fire and the sound are perfect for cuddling. It's the icing on the cake to an already great fireplace.

Conclusion: The best wall-mounted electric fireplace of the year 2022

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The Best Electric Fireplace We've Ever SeenNo doubt you already know that this is the new 2018 MagikFlame HoloFlame Electric Fireplace, available with two different styles of wall panels, as well as a freestanding insert for people to build their own wall panels. This thing consistently delivers the most realistic flames we've ever seen in an electric fireplace with sound.

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Its unique holographic technology really makes this thing look like a real fireplace, because the logs themselves look like they are actually burning, fed by real video of real fire, making it absolutely indistinguishable from a real fireplace. It really is a sight to behold and when you combine it with the sound it makes, it's perfect for falling asleep.

It's easy to use with its intuitive touchscreen, and apparently this thing can even automatically update itself for new features and new shots whenever they make a release. I have never seen any other electric fireplace manufacturers actually do this.Add new features after purchaseand don't try to charge for it but these guys give it to you for free just by downloading and installing the smartphone app. The MagikFlame really is the best electric wall mounted fireplace of 2018 and there's no competition.


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