Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (2023)

If you are looking for an all-natural fuel solution for yourethanol fireplace, choose Bio Flame's ethanol fuel. Feel confident choosing a fuel that creates a beautiful, warm and welcoming element in your home or commercial space without releasing harmful toxins.

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Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (1)

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (2)

Smart Bio Flame Fuel Solution

Want something sweet about the bioethanol fuel used in Bio Flame fireplaces? It's made with sugar!

So it is; Bio Flame ethanol fuel is so environmentally friendly that it is created through a process of fermenting sugars, including those from sugar cane, corn, sugar beets and potatoes. These fully renewable natural resources work together to create an ethanol fuel source that provides heat and creates a beautiful dancing flame. When it comes to having a fireplace, it doesn't get any better than this!

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Benefits of Flame Bioethanol Fuel

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (5)

enviroment friend

Ethanol fuel is all-natural and made from renewable resources. This means you are not cutting down valuable trees that take much longer to regenerate.

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (6)

better breath

With Bio Flame Ethanol Fuel, take comfort in knowing that no harmful chemicals or toxins are released into the air.

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (7)

cleaner font

Ethanol fuel creates a clean heat source, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up soot or ash. Cleaning a Bio Flame fireplace is very easy.

(Video) A short introduction to bioethanol fireplaces - The 5 most important facts

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (8)

super simples

The ethanol fuel used in the Bio Flame fireplace is easy to use. In seconds, you'll be reloading without having to worry about spills or going out into the cold to get another log.

See what our customers are saying about our bioethanol fuel

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (9)

“After purchasing 2 Bio Flame fireplaces, I must say that everyone should forget about traditional gas or electric fireplaces. The Bio Flame runs on bioethanol fuel that can be installed in any space, and it took me 15 minutes to install in my urban city basement and about 20 minutes in my cabin bathroom. The room and bathroom just needed to be big enough to provide adequate ventilation. Fuel is stored in a small tank below the fire, so there is no need to install chimney tubes. I definitely recommend it.”

– Danny Taylor

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (10)

“The fuel I ordered allows for a soot-free, odorless fire, which made cleanup easier and the experience enjoyable. Ethanol fires are definitely the way to go. I can honestly say that I will never light wood or gas fires again."

salim reza

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (11)

“I used to have an Ecosmart unit for a few years, then I saw the BioFlame in one of the interior design magazines and decided to install one to compare. In terms of price, the BioFlame is 40% cheaper than the EcoSmart and lasts about 2 hours longer on a can of fuel. Fuel can be obtained directly from Bio Flame, which is a great advantage and convenience.

– Joe French

(Video) Real home test of the Bio-Ethanol living flame fire. No flue, no logs,coal,oil,electric or gas.

Bioethanol fuel vs. Other types of fuel

If you are looking for fireplaces, you must have wondered howbioethanol fireplacesCompare with other fuel sources. This is how bioethanol compares to other modern and traditional fuel sources.

Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (12)

alcoholic gel

natural gas



bioethanol fuel

Buy your bioethanol fuel today

If you're looking for a beautiful, economical, low-maintenance, and sustainable fireplace, a bioethanol fireplace ticks all the boxes! A modern solution to a traditional desire for warmth, comfort and beauty in your home, bioethanol fuel has quickly become the preferred choice of many homeowners around the world.

You can purchase Bio Flame biofuel at your local hardware store (Ace Hardware and Lowes in the US, or Canadian Tire and Home Hardware in Canada). It is also available to order through online providers including Amazon.

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Green Bioethanol Fuel | the bioflame (13)

Common questions

What is bioethanol fuel made of?

Does bioethanol fuel smell?

Is burning bioethanol safe for children and pets?

What does a bioethanol flame look like?

How to fuel my fireplace?

How long does bioethanol fuel last?

Does biofuel work for all Bio Flame fireplaces?

(Video) Review of Nu-Flame Bio Ethanol Fuel for Fireplaces


How effective are bio ethanol fireplaces? ›

Bioethanol fuels burn with 98% efficiency, creating the same amount of CO2 as burning a candle. So, the environmental impact is very low. Bioethanol fireplaces don't use logs or coal, meaning that there's no cleaning or sweeping after use.

How much heat do you get from a bio ethanol fireplaces produce? ›

How Much Heat Do Bioethanol Fires Give Off? In general, bioethanol fires produce around three kilowatt-hours of heat when the gauge is fully open. For some perspective on heat levels, an electric heater generates around two kilowatt-hours of heat, so a bioethanol fireplace will keep you suitably warm.

What is the best bio ethanol fireplace fuel? ›

Formulated for use in ventless bioethanol fireplaces, e-NRG is the cleanest, most efficient liquid ethanol fuel on the market and produces the best flame each and every time.

How long does bio ethanol fuel burn? ›

Typically, 1 litre of bioethanol fuel burns for around 3.5 to 4 hours (with the shutter fully open). Closing the fuel box lid halfway increases the burn duration, but reduces the heat output and the flame size.

What are the disadvantages of bioethanol? ›

Disadvantages of bioethanol include its lower energy density than gasoline, its corrosiveness, low flame luminosity, lower vapor pressure (making cold starts difficult), miscibility with water and toxicity to ecosystems. The main sources of sugar required to produce ethanol are derived from fuel or energy crops.

What are the disadvantages of bioethanol fires? ›

Bioethanol fireplace disadvantages

Probably the main disadvantage of bioethanol fireplaces is that they don't produce as much heat as a wood- or coal burner. Bioethanol fireplaces produce roughly 3kWh of heat when the fuel slider is fully open.

Can a bioethanol fireplace heat a room? ›

However, what we can say is that an Imagin Bioethanol fireplace will heat an average sized living room by around 3 to 5 degrees. This is approximately the same as having an electric heater on a medium setting. You can of course adjust many of the Biofires so that the flame is larger or smaller.

How much does it cost to run a bio ethanol fireplace? ›

Bioethanol Fuel Cost

A liter of bioethanol costs $11 and burns for around four hours, making it cost around $2.75 per hour to keep your bioethanol fireplace running. For comparison, natural gas costs around $0.50 per hour, and propane costs around $1.60 per hour.

Can you put a bio ethanol fire under a TV? ›

Bioethanol fuel doesn't create smoke, ash, or soot when burnt. This means a bioethanol fireplace under a TV poses no smoke risk to your equipment.

Do bio ethanol fireplaces smell? ›

High-quality bioethanol doesn't have a strong ethanol smell during combustion at all. However, some cheap products may emit a mild paint-like odour. The vast majority of our customers are delighted with the aromas emitted from our biofires; especially when they use one of our very lightly fragranced fuels.

Are indoor bioethanol fires safe? ›

Bioethanol flame-effect fires have the same look and feel as 'living' flames but don't need to have a chimney or flue. They don't emit smoke or ash, but they're flammable and can cause serious harm.

Can I use rubbing alcohol in a bio ethanol fireplace? ›

Using denatured alcohol is perfectly acceptable for bioethanol fireplaces and recommended. Check the purity of your bioethanol fuel for a longer and cleaner burn.

What is the cleanest burning biofuel? ›

Biodiesel is a domestically produced, clean-burning, renewable substitute for petroleum diesel. Using biodiesel as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, improves air quality and the environment, and provides safety benefits.

What is the cheapest fire to run? ›

Gas fireplaces offer a very cost-effective way to heat your home. Gas is one of the cheapest fuels available for use in our homes, plus, is also one of the cleanest and most convenient.

Can I run my car on bioethanol? ›

Can my car use biofuel? You won't be able to fill up your car on pure bioethanol or biodiesel, but your car will run perfectly on blended unleaded and diesel as there are no compatibility issues at such low percentages.

Why is bioethanol not used as a fuel? ›

The energy content of ethanol is much lower than that of petrol gasoline. Burning a liter of ethanol produces 34% less energy than burning a liter of petrol. Implementing more bioethanol would require modifications to many vehicles. Many older engines cannot even use 10% ethanol-petrol mixtures.

What are the 3 raw materials of bioethanol? ›

Because of their chemical composition, i.e. carbohydrate sources, they mostly form three groups: (i) sugar-containing raw materials: sugar beet, sugarcane, molasses, whey, sweet sorghum, (ii) starch-containing feedstocks: grains such as corn, wheat, root crops such as cassava, and (iii) lignocellulosic biomass: straw, ...

Is bioethanol cheaper than gas? ›

Are bioethanol fires expensive to run? The short answer is no; bioethanol fires are not expensive to run compared to the cost of running wood or gas fires. However, the cost of running a bioethanol fire can vary depending on the cost of the fuel you use and how far open the box slider is during use (if applicable).

Is bioethanol cheaper than electric? ›

Bioethanol fireplaces are more expensive to operate than electric varieties.

Is bioethanol better than fossil fuels? ›

MYTH: In terms of emissions, biofuels emit the same amount as gasoline or more. FACT: Biofuels burn cleaner than gasoline, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and are fully biodegradable, unlike some fuel additives. Cellulosic ethanol has the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%.

Are bioethanol fires better than electric? ›

Compared to an electric and gas fire, a bioethanol fire is slightly higher maintenance because you will be required to purchase suitable fuel for the fire, but on the other hand, the fumes produced by a bioethanol are negligible, so they are quite safe, and their other advantages easily make up for the extra ...

Do you need a vent for bioethanol fireplace? ›

Bioethanol fireplaces do not require a venting system with a chimney or flue as they do not emit harmful emissions, unlike a traditional wood burner. We suggest you refresh the air if using regularly by opening a small window in between refills. Whether wood, coal, gas, or bioethanol, all fires produce carbon dioxide.

Can you cook on a bioethanol fire? ›

If however, there is a spillage of fuel, then always ensure you mop it up (using a clean sponge or paper towel etc) before lighting the biofire. The fire is meant for use as a secondary heat source and is not suitable for cooking food or boiling water.

Are bioethanol fires realistic? ›

Bioethanol Fires – Create a small amount of carbon dioxide when burnt, bioethanol fires are considered safe to use both in and outside of the home. It is worth noting that this type of burner does create real flames, so precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of children around the unit.

Do ethanol fireplaces throw heat? ›

In addition to their pretty looks, ethanol fireplaces do provide heat. Although they are not intended to be the primary heat source in a home, they are ideal as a supplement or on evenings when there is a slight chill in the air.

Can you toast marshmallows on a bio ethanol fire? ›

Can you cook over the flame created by bioethanol for example roasting marshmallows. Answer: Yes, you could roast marshmallows with it. It gives off a good flame.

Do bioethanol fires crackle? ›

Bioethanol fires provide the look of 'real' flames, have a lower (and adjustable) heat output and don't need a chimney. There is something missing, they don't have the smell or noise of a crackling log fire, but they get close to meeting that primordial need.

Can you burn bioethanol in a wood burner? ›

The good news for the many homeowners who have wood-burning fireplaces that they don't want or don't use is that they can indeed convert it to an eco friendly ethanol one. The process is easier than you may think.

Do you need ventilation for bioethanol fires? ›

Bioethanol fuels burn cleanly, leaving no residue, ash, smoke, or any of the mess associated with wood or coal-burning fires. As such, there's no need for fireplace venting. Bioethanol uses oxygen in the room to combust, emitting a small amount of carbon dioxide and some water vapour.

Does bioethanol give off carbon monoxide? ›

Bioethanol doesn't create carbon monoxide, a dangerous, poisonous, odourless gas. However, if you're worried, install a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room as your bioethanol fireplace to set your mind at rest.

Can you put a TV above a bioethanol fire? ›

We recommend leaving at least 45cm between the television and the fireplace if you're installing a TV above a bioethanol fireplace. And while bioethanol fireplaces don't get as hot as traditional wood or coal burners, they still give off plenty of heat, which could damage a TV if hung too close.

Do bioethanol fires smell? ›

High-quality bioethanol doesn't have a strong ethanol smell during combustion at all. However, some cheap products may emit a mild paint-like odour. The vast majority of our customers are delighted with the aromas emitted from our biofires; especially when they use one of our very lightly fragranced fuels.

Why are people against bioethanol? ›

Drawbacks of bioethanol include: The amount of arable land needed to grow the crops in order to produce a large amount of fuel is immense. This could greatly impact the biodiversity of our environment as we could see natural habitats being overrun, including forests.

Can cars run on bioethanol? ›

Can my car use biofuel? You won't be able to fill up your car on pure bioethanol or biodiesel, but your car will run perfectly on blended unleaded and diesel as there are no compatibility issues at such low percentages.

Can you put a bioethanol fire in an existing fireplace? ›

Can I install a bioethanol fireplace into my existing fireplace with a chimney? Absolutely. If you have an existing chimney but are concerned about burning fossil fuels, such as wood or coal, a bioethanol fireplace makes an excellent alternative heat source for your room.


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