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The Delta is hidden on the banks of the powerful Mississippi River and is an agricultural region whose highways and side streets are bordered by flattened high -flying fields of animated plants that are waiting for the harvest. The king and muddy waters once melodies in small joints of Jukeof wood and a place where fried chicken, corn of fresh sugar and bread lunch tables have crushed seven days a week a crispy roast chicken, fresh sugar corn and pans with corn bread grace Lunch Lunch Sports defeated.

The hot tabeal made of the delicate flour flour and corn cooked slowly, which is wrapped in a corn tray and cooked in broth that adjusts the heart, is a basic food of Mississippi-Delta that the region has maintained for a longer timeWhat everyone can remember.Subject to the debate.Several believe that the soldiers who fought in the Mexican war of the United States brought the recipe to the south of the United States at the end of the 1840s, while others have the roots of the hot Tamel in the American indigenous people.However, he believes that he was brought to the region at the beginning of the 20th century, when Mexican migrant workers reached the cotton harvest.

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Mississippi was the epicenter of cotton production during this time, and because cotton was an intensive harvest in labor, an influx of Mississippi workers.Proven and the recipe adapted to its southern taste.Delta Hot Taangs differ from his Mexican tamales colleagues in some way.They are made with cornmeal instead of mass.More thin.

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In the Mississippi Delta, Hot Tabale is not only a delicious pleasure, but a look at the region's history."Break a hot tamel and understand each part, and you will discover that migration in Mississippi and South News is," says John T. Edge, director of the Southern Foodways Alliance. "He tells them about cultural exchange, he tells them aboutThe cotton economy in the south and tells them that African -American and Mexican foods have something in common. "

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Under the corn shell, The Hot Tabale tells the story of the need, resistance and fusion of culture.Traditionally corn and pork, two effective and accessible ingredients that go beyond cultural lines: Towne became a food in the south in the south in the south.Not only were they in the country in long and hot days, but they also served as a source of income, since the families of all ethnic groups dominated their own recipes and began selling them in the city.

An Lebanese family, the Davis, serves hot tages in its Clarksdale-Restaurant Abe Bar-B-Q;To the southwest of Greenville is the Italian location of Doe-Eat the best known domesticated seller of the city.In Vicksburg, a Cuban man named Henry Solly Solly began 1939 with Sollys Hot Taymales.Metcalfe, and in Metcalfe, Mississippi.

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In a house in a story, Mauvolden in this small town, the Scotts have been making hot tamales since the 1950s.

"My brother gets up at five in the morning," says Hazel Brown."He is the one who mixes the food. We are going to work at seven and we do other things. Loretta will begin to cut shit and start, shit and whatever to do, and then I prepare to avoid hot tamales."Hazel and his sister Loretta Gilliam are daughters of the deceased Aaron and Elizabeth Scott, the Taanges Hots Scotts, one of the many Family Gamed Tamal companies, founded, foundedThat has survived throughout the decades.

The history of Scotts is called Tagales that began in San Antonio, Texas, where Aaron was parked with the United States army, and his wife Elizabeth, who was pregnant at that time, developed an unknown desire of hot Tameles, and insteadto buy it more Aaron.determined that their own would do.

He bought a recipe from a Mexican man and the duo worked to optimize her according to her wishes.The first lot increased the newcomers for a whole night, but continued.After moving to Mississippi and the exercise urgently, they began to make hot tameles.For family and friends.

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The 11 scotts (six daughters and three more sons Aaron and Elizabeth) once they lived in the house where hot tamales are still made, when their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren keep the business afloat and expand.

Today, Scotts Hot Tays works outside the same position, only in a different situation in the city.You sell thousands of hot tameles every week and send 40 more dozens to fans in the 50 states.Bound In Aaron and Elizabeth's small metal house.

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The meat (Scotts uses meat breast) is prepared and cools the night before, but the family, but the family, each one has its own duty.The food and meat are loaded in the extruder, a machine called tabal forms by pressing a portion of meat breast in a cylindrical cornmeal tube.

Hazel catch the tabals as they come out and continue to place them in a corn shell.Then, the tabals are enrolled in the shells and join in groups with a cord before reaching a hot and spicy bathroom process of boiling broth, but it is.A process that this family appreciates and honor.It is a tradition that their parents would be proud to continue.

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In a region where much has changed in the last century, the hot tamal culture has not been affected.And it is thanks to families such as scotts who have dedicated their lives in practice.His recipe, and will probably react when scotts often do it: "Only delicately lovely careful ... and a lot of salt."

Try one of our delicious configurations for the classic if you do your hand with one of our delicious configurations for the classic.

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Lovers and hot Tamale manufacturers have their own colloquial language.During other cultures, they are clearly known as tabals in other cultures, the Taanger Delta Hot receives its chopping coup.Describe.Many manufacturers also refer to the corn shell package such as "chucks", although some prefer to use only scroll paper.


The hot tamales in the Mississippi delta are often served simply with a pile of salts and a bottle of spicy sauce, although some prefer an abundant portion of Chile that has poured it on it, or the impulse of the tomato sauce.In restaurants that specialize in other foods are hot tamales generally serve as a holder, but for restaurants, whose main approach is in the hot ones, they become the show star.

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Greenville, Mississippi, rightly "Capitol Hot Taangere of the world", organizes the Delta Hot Taale Festival every October, in which professional and amateur manufacturers compete and the crowds to eat.Depending on whether you are your first attempts or ready to participate in Hot Taale.Food contest (last year's winner ate in less than five minutes), this festival is

Find your recipe for hot breast taymalsHere.


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