Radiohead song renditions (2023)


I was looking at renditions of their songs and saw that there weren't any for the Radiohead anthem, which is just '. so that's what i think it's about anyway

the song 'just' is one that for me clearly portrays how people who try to hurt themselves are treated like criminals. this refers in particular to drug use. When a person decides to use drugs, society sees it as its moral responsibility to make that person walk a fine line like everyone else again.

'You do it to yourself, you do it
and that's what really hurts
is that you do it to yourself
Just you, you and no one else'

the chorus of this song shows how one inflicts suffering on oneself. their actions have no effect on society or anyone but themselves. the society in this song makes criminals of those who abuse themselves in any way. they feel they are to blame for the situation and want to fix it through correction, sounds like any society we know.

That's what I think anyway. I won't even touch the video


It's easy, just from the whole chorus. "You do this to yourself, you do this, and that's what really hurts." It's true, when you put shit on yourself (don't dump the girl, cheat, lie, etc.), it hurts more. "Only you, you and no one else." Hey, people say and warn you, but... The verses are misleading, but like the chorus, it says that one can bring the worst possible "hell" upon oneself. Not sure to call it SOLO... But it fits. Just, um, "results," if you will, of doing this to yourself?

by susana

People go through life making the same mistakes over and over again. They think it doesn't suit them because they think they're special, but the truth remains: you get what you give. you do it yourself!! He's trying to hammer this important message into our tiny brains: YOU DO IT YOURSELF! It is not difficult to understand: "One day it will come to you", one day you will pay...

por Meredith

It just seems like sort of a twist on heroin abuse to me. "you do this to yourself...", etc. sounds very bitter and, to be honest, quite nasty, and "He's coming like a comet, he's tricked you but not your friends" sounds interesting. But it's hard to read the meaning of Radiohead's lyrics, as they are meaningful on so many levels.

Bymaria celeste

After listening to this song several times and watching the video thinking "What is Thom trying to say with this song???", I thought of something. This song is about GUILT. And everything fits. I don't know if this is the intention of the band and the correct meaning, but I think it's an interesting interpretation. In the first place,

"Can't get rid of the stink / It's been circling for days / It's coming like a comet / He tricked you but not your friends" Talk about how hard it is to shake off the guilt, and YOU are the only one (ONLY you) who keeps going fueling the feeling, there is no other person responsible. "He" is the problem person.

"One day he will catch up with you / And teach you to be a holy cow" Here, the author speaks to the audience, saying that no one can escape "FROM GUILT". And "sacred cow" refers to ancient religions, which sanctified guilt as a way to purify your soul.

“You do this to yourself, you do this / And that's what really hurts / It's you doing this to yourself / Only you and nobody else” Again the idea of ​​self-punishment caused by the feeling of guilt. "Only you", no one else knows how you feel and no one else can break up. "So it hurts a lot", because you are solely responsible for the act that makes you feel guilty.

"Don't take my condolence / Hanging out on the 15th floor" Here, guilt speaks in the first person. He says flirting with suicide won't change things, won't make it go away ("Dangling the 15th floor" I think he means throwing himself into the void, throwing himself out the window). "You've changed the locks three times/he's still staggering through the door" The author speaks again, talking to the person with the problem. He said that no matter what you do, guilt is not external, it does not come from outside and will appear again.

"One day I'll catch you / And I'll teach you how to get to the purest hell" Again, guilt speaks 1st. person. And again, the idea of ​​ancient religion comes up (especially if we consider the words "hell" and "purest"). But, guilt itself admits that it only leads to a personal hell, it is not really cleansing.

The bridge is then repeated several times. Say, Dwell on the idea of ​​a person making himself suffer because of the guilt he feels.

About the video, I think it fits the idea I tried to explain. That man is the troubled one, and he does what he does because the guilt has paralyzed him... he can't take it anymore. And when you tell other people why, you convey the feeling, and anyone can handle that. In addition, the action of standing still, lying in the street, suggests the idea of ​​​​suicide ("going out on the 15th floor"), as if he had thrown himself from his apartment window, but even that can end his feeling.

by Becky

I went through a rough patch about 3 months ago when I cut my wrists over 200 times. Nobody really understood why I was doing this, because I was doing this to myself and I couldn't explain why. I hurt a lot of people because they wanted to help them, and I couldn't let them come in and help me. I think the chorus of 'just' sums it up pretty well. then people got mad at me because I wouldn't let them help me and it looked like I didn't want to help myself, and I was knocking a lot of people down. That's how the second verse sounds to me, when someone wants to help you, but if you don't want to help him, he gets angry because he feels useless.

by ray.s.

It's time to add some eastern mysticism to the mix: this song is about karma, pure and simple. the law of karma says (correct me if this sounds wrong) that for any given situation there are an infinite number of possibilities or choices to be made, you make a bad choice and it will come back to you. hence the phrase "you do it yourself..."

cutucar Katie

'Just' is about a girl I used to be friends with named Rebecca. Rebeca was 29 years old and had never been married, never had children. Her own parents' marriage had ended badly, and all Rebecca wanted out of life was her own husband and family. She had no self-esteem. She was professionally smart, capable, etc. but he never thought she would get anywhere. She thought she was ugly and all her friends knew she was pretty.

She got involved in a series of relationships with horrible men who treated her poorly. The stink that "lingers for days" is the stink of a relationship that ends in abuse and disaster. Some were violent.

Most of the time we felt sorry for Rebecca, but sometimes she made us angry.

Well, I don't think it's specifically about Rebecca, but I always thought it was a song about women who get into abusive relationships and don't have the confidence to be alone.

por Matt

I think this song is about existential angst; clear and simple. After spending enough time inside your own head, tossing around ideas about the nature of reality and whether or not there is meaning behind it all, you start to come up with some pretty scary scenarios. "Can't get the stink out / It's been around for days. It's coming like a comet / Sucked you in but not your friends." I think the first few lines are a reference to that terrified state of consciousness (the thick of anxiety) where nothing is what it seems and you start to wonder if those around you ever felt the same way.
"You've changed the locks three times / He still staggers in through the door." No matter how many schemes you come up with to distract yourself from nagging fears, they still find ways to kick you in the face. You start to worry that you'll eventually come to a terribly pessimistic realization that sucks every shred of hope from your veins: "One day it will catch up / And show you how to get to hell."
And the most troubling thing about these anxieties is the way your own inner quest has brought them to you: "You do this to yourself, you do this, and this is what really hurts."

By Kid A[li]

This is the song that blew up RADIOHEAD in North America. With their incredible guitars and scratch your head lyrics, they became the best band in the world. The song "JUST" is about a man who brings everything with him. Also, the man/woman gets very parnoid when using the phrase "Put a mirror under the door".

By Angel Wannabe

This song means a lot to me, but for a very strange reason; the person I love uses this to explain my behavior, the story, explaining this is too long but said like this 'I do this to myself and that's what hurts me the most', both he and I.
To me it means that sometimes when you do things, what you do can push away those who are most important to you because even if you don't want to, it hurts them.

Anyway, I'm sure it's not in your best interest and I'm trying to be nice sending this, but anyway, think what you want, and if you don't like it, try it for yourself.


Who has covered Radiohead songs? ›

Artists covered by Radiohead
Jonny Greenwood22
Thom Yorke14
Larry Weiss6
Neil Young & Crazy Horse4
35 more rows

What movies use Radiohead songs? ›

Radiohead on film: The 9 best uses of their songs on screen
  • A Scanner Darkly. (Richard Linklater, 2006) ...
  • Children of Men. (Alfonso Cuarón, 2006) ...
  • Choke. (Clark Gregg, 2008) ...
  • Clueless. (Amy Heckerling, 1995) ...
  • Father Ted. (Various, 1995-1998) ...
  • Person of Interest. (Various, 2011-) ...
  • Romeo + Juliet. (Baz Luhrmann, 1996) ...
  • Six Feet Under.
Apr 13, 2016

Does Muse copy Radiohead? ›

MUSE.” Yorke, as well as the rest of Radiohead's members, have, over the years, expressed aversion towards Muse. Yorke was allegedly quoted saying in an interview in 2001: “I draw the line at Muse because they openly slag us off as well as openly rip us off.

Has anyone covered Creep by Radiohead? ›

Macy Gray. The gravel-toned soul singer Macy Gray may not be the first Radiohead fan you think of, but her take on the track for her album Covered is one of the best around.

What is the most covered Radiohead song? ›

'Creep' – Arlo Parks

Yes, it's certainly one of the most over-covered songs in the history of rock music.

What is Thom Yorke's favorite REM song? ›

Thom Yorke, of Radiohead, has commented that "So. Central Rain" is his favourite R.E.M. song.

What was Radiohead originally called? ›

The band first called themselves "On a Friday". The band would usually rehearse on Friday in their school's music room. On A Friday signed a contract with EMI, a large record label, in 1991. They changed their name to "Radiohead".

Who is similar to Radiohead? ›

Similar To
  • Alt-J.
  • Björk.
  • James Blake.
  • Mogwai.
  • Muse.
  • Sigur Rós.
  • Spiritualized.
  • The Smile.

Why is Radiohead Spectre rejected? ›

Radiohead suspended work on their ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool (2016), to record another song, "Spectre", an orchestral ballad; however, the producers said it arrived too late, and that they could not use it in the film. They instead used "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith as the opening song.

Why did Radiohead change their name? ›

It was only their eighth gig, but they had attracted interest from several record companies. On 21 December, On a Friday signed a six-album recording contract with EMI. At EMI's request, the band changed their name; "Radiohead" was taken from the song "Radio Head" on the Talking Heads album True Stories (1986).

Did Radiohead use autotune? ›

The English rock band Radiohead used Auto-Tune on their 2001 album Amnesiac to create a "nasal, depersonalised sound" and to process speech into melody. According to singer Thom Yorke, the software "desperately tries to search for the music in your speech, and produces notes at random.

What did Radiohead Creep copy? ›

Copyright infringement

The chord progression and melody in "Creep" are similar to those of the 1972 song "The Air That I Breathe", written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood.

Why is Radiohead not on Spotify? ›

Radiohead's opening to Bandcamp calls back to the early 2010s, when the band's frontman Thom Yorke became a leading voice against streaming services. In 2013, he famously called Spotify “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse” and condemned the service for driving a wedge into the artist–listener connection.

What Radiohead did Lana Del Rey cover? ›

Radiohead lawsuit

In January 2018, Del Rey said on Twitter that the band Radiohead were taking legal action against her for allegedly plagiarising their 1992 song "Creep" on "Get Free". According to Del Rey, Radiohead asked for 100% of publishing royalties instead of Del Rey's offer of 40%.

What song has been listen to the most in the world? ›

But just how popular is "Blinding Lights"? According to Spotify, it is currently the most listened to song on the platform, with over 3.3 billion streams. That's right, 3.3 billion streams! It's no wonder that it has become the most streamed song in Spotify history, credited to none other than The Weeknd himself.

What song is the most recorded song? ›

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, George Gershwin's jazz standard "Summertime" is considered to be the most recorded song, with at least 67,591 recorded versions in existence.

What song has made the most? ›

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

What are the 5 most recorded songs of all time? ›

Here's 5 of the most covered songs in history
  • “Yesterday” by The Beatles. ...
  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. ...
  • “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones: ...
  • “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. ...
  • “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, sung by Judy Garland.
Mar 24, 2022

What is the number 1 one hit wonder of all time? ›

1Los Del RioMacarena [Bayside Boys Mix]
2Soft CellTainted Love
3Dexy's Midnight RunnersCome on Eileen
4Right Said FredI'm Too Sexy
51 more rows

What is the most iconic album cover of all time? ›

Dashed off in just ten minutes during a break from recording, The Beatles' Abbey road cover rivals other Beatles sleeves, such as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and “The White Album”, for being the most famous album cover in the world.

Does Thom Yorke like Billie Eilish? ›

He stands behind us and I'm sitting with my daughter, her friends, and my girlfriend, when suddenly everyone goes 'Saaaam! ' I'm, like, 'Aaaaargh!' ” He continued: “I like Billie Eilish.

Is Thom Yorke blind in an eye? ›

He was born with a paralysed left eye, and underwent five eye operations by the age of six.

What voice type is Thom Yorke? ›

It seems like most people agree Thom is a tenor, but it seems to me like he might be a high baritone? His voice seems most powerful around his middle range, and I don't think he's ever gone above an A4 without using falsetto, which is more in range with a high baritones range than a tenors.

Is Thom Yorke A Vegan? ›

Thom Yorke

The Radiohead frontman is vegan but offered this advice to Esquire magazine in 2013: “If you're going to be a vegetarian, you really do have to like lentils.

What bands did Radiohead inspire? ›

Their '90s run of stadium-ready alt-rock monsters can be felt in an entire generation of British rockers like Muse, Bloc Party, and The Horrors, while the band's later forays into the digital realm helped to inspire genre-blurring acts such as The xx and Caribou. There's no telling what Radiohead will dive into next.

Who is Thom Yorke married to? ›

Thom Yorke

Is Radiohead a queer? ›

Thom Yorke, the band's lead singer, came out as gay in a 2006 interview, while guitarist Jonny Greenwood has also been open about his bisexuality. In addition, the band has been outspoken in their support of LGBT rights, particularly in the wake of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting.

Why is Radiohead so highly regarded? ›

They have a unique sound that is instantly recognizable, and their lyrics are often very thought-provoking. They are also a very tight live band, and have an impressive back catalogue of albums. A band like Radiohead is praised for their innovativeness because they are the most creative band in the past 20 years.

What band sounds like Radiohead? ›

Of all the artists like Radiohead on this list, The Smashing Pumpkins have arguably had the most similar artistic journey. For anyone into Radiohead's rockier stuff, Siamese Dream (1993) is a fantastic record, featuring big, fuzzy rock classics 'Today' and 'Mayonnaise.

Why is Safin against Spectre? ›

White to poison Safin's family by botulism, a rare toxin of vegetative origin during a banquet in their supposed honor. Though Safin was spared, he was left facially disfigured and traumatized by the deaths of his family members. As such, he became determined to get revenge against Spectre for killing his family.

Is Radiohead influenced by Pink Floyd? ›

Similarly, during the 1960s, Pink Floyd were different to any other outfit gigging in the London scene. Their psychedelic-infused rock wasn't the band people thought they wanted but, instead, the band that they needed. However, surprisingly, Floyd do not appear to have been a major influence on Radiohead.

Why was Radiohead Rejected for Bond? ›

“Spectre” wasn't actually the first song Radiohead sent in for the Sam Mendes-directed film. The band initially suggested one of their oldies “Man of War”, which was ultimately rejected because it wasn't written for the film, and therefore couldn't be up for Oscar contention.

Is Radiohead left or right? ›

In the years preceding and following the turn of the century, Radiohead's left-field stances made them political guideposts for listeners on both sides of the Atlantic.

What is the Radiohead logo called? ›

The most iconic Radiohead logo was designed in 2000 and is still used by the band. This was the first and only emblem with no lettering on it. The geometric abstract bear, executed in confident black lines can become the band's signifier and mascot. The new emblem got nicknamed “Modified Bear”.

Does Radiohead play to a click? ›

In the studio, Radiohead have occasionally used clicks. Their songs would suffer if clicks were used for the whole track, but there are cases (such as establishing the tempo when re-recording a chorus or verse) where a click can make the process a lot easier.

Who is father of Auto-Tune? ›

Auto-Tune was launched in September 1997 by Andy Hildebrand, a Ph. D. research engineer who specialized in stochastic estimation theory and digital signal processing.

Are Radiohead classically trained? ›

Are Radiohead classically trained? Jonny Greenwood is the only member of Radiohead to be classically trained. A term into his studies of psychology and music at Oxford Brookes University, he left to sign a six-album deal with EMI and Radiohead.

Did Weezer Cover Radiohead? ›

Radiohead is an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The band consists of Thom Yorke, brothers Jonny and Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Philip Selway. Weezer has covered two of their songs, "Creep" and "Paranoid Android".

Who did Radiohead copy? ›

Ironically, Radiohead were successfully sued for similarities between 'Creep' and The Hollies' 'The Air That I Breathe' by songwriters Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood in the 1990s. When writing the track, guitarist Ed O'Brien realised it bore a striking resemblance.

Is the lead singer of Radiohead blind? ›

He was born with a paralysed left eye, and underwent five eye operations by the age of six. According to Yorke, the last surgery was "botched", giving him a drooping eyelid.

Did Weezer apologize? ›

On Their 9th Album, Weezer Apologize for Their Previous 6.

Who is Thom Yorke inspired by? ›

Perhaps the most famous of Yorke's influences is Neil Young. The 'Harvest Moon' singer has long been held in high esteem by America's alt-rock explosion but Yorke too thought of Young as one of the finest songwriters ever, even if he did arrive at the singer a little late in life.

Who were Radiohead influenced by? ›

The eclectic acts who have influenced the band during their long, varied career include U2, Autechre, and Miles Davis.

What song is Creep based off of? ›

"Creep" is the debut single by the English rock band Radiohead, released on 21 September 1992. It appeared on their debut studio album, Pablo Honey (1993). Radiohead took elements from the 1972 song "The Air That I Breathe"; following legal action, Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood are credited as cowriters.

What did Radiohead used to be called? ›

The band first called themselves "On a Friday". The band would usually rehearse on Friday in their school's music room. On A Friday signed a contract with EMI, a large record label, in 1991. They changed their name to "Radiohead".

How did Thom Yorke lose his eye? ›

6. Thom Yorke, the singer for the British alt-rock band Radiohead, isn't winking at you. His left eye droops because it was paralyzed at birth, and he underwent five operations to repair it.

Can Thom Yorke see out his left eye? ›

Yorke was born with no eyelid movement at all in his left eye. In an attempt to correct the condition, Yorke underwent five operations by the age of six. While the operations successfully enabled Yorke to see out of his left eye, they also caused his left eyelid to droop.


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