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There are those who say that only in dreams do we dare to do what we really want, that when we dream we are free and allow ourselves to feel and do things that we would never do when awake. Dreams, that parallel universe with which we release ourdeepest desiresand which we approachthrough films, books, music and all kinds of artistic expressionthat try to connect everything that lives hidden in our unconscious with the reality that accompanies us every day.

Who doesn't have a favorite song that makes you dream? Who doesn't have a soundtrack that puts you in a good mood? How many of us put the music on full blast to forget the sadness and tragedies of life so that for a few minutes the world is a little less chaotic and hope shines again above everything else?

Dreams and music are two concepts that have always been linked over the years, proof of which are the thousands of songs that tell us about them, either through their lyrics or simply through their harmony and extra-sensory sounds.

Next, we will present a list of 20 songs that talk about dreams and that everyone should know or have heard at least once in their lives.

Dreams, music and nostalgia. This playlist has everything to earn a place in your heart and make you want to listen to them all on loop to lift your spirits and make you dream again.

Let's begin!

The 20 best songs about dreams | PlayTheTunes (1)

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1. One Million Dreams – The Great Showman

Lights, camera and action! The great Hugh Jackman and a wide repertoire of renowned artists brought music back to theaters and made hundreds of children and not so many children believe in the power of dreams again.

One of the most important songs in the entire film, entitled "A Million Dreams", is the one that speaks directly about the power of our dreams, especially those that grow in our hearts from childhood and that when we grow up they are still alive, waiting to become reality.

As much as the word 'dreams' is pronounced in this song, this piece is undoubtedly beautiful and inspiring, as not only its music is captivating but also its lyrics, full of strength and hope in each verse and that makes us feel more strong. and full of light to face our daily lives when we sing it.

2. Imagine – John Lenon

Imagine by John Lennon is more than a song about dreams and hope, it is an anthem for all mankind. Who hasn't sung the chorus of this wonderful song at the top of their lungs? Everyone who is at least 60 years old knows this and, more importantly, has felt it and owned it at some point in their life.

Othe song has lyricsfull of meaning that although it does not speak directly about people's personal dreams and aspirations, it manages to captivate all who listen to it and immerses them in a state of absolute peace and hope.

John Lenon wrote it to send a message of peace in the face of the war that was raging in those years, but its success was so great that theThe song quickly became known around the world.and all radio stations played every day.

It's a song that fights for human rights through the power of dreams. "Imagine the world was better" is the most important message of the song and it is without a doubt a message of peace and full of dreams.

3. I have a dream – Mamma mia

Mamma Mia is the favorite musical of millions of women around the world and it's no wonder why, after more than 40 years and two successful films, ABBA's music is for many a way of understanding life and seeing it. it from a different perspective in a much more positive way. form.

Well, among many of yoursongs we highlight the title'I have a dream' that opens the first film and talks about the dream of singing, seeing the world and having faith in destiny.

A beautiful song that will fill you with good feelings from the first second.

4. Dream – Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes was a young superstar who has now established himself as one of the best artists on the international music scene. At just 22 years old, he has many songs that talk about dreams and overcoming obstacles.

But on his last album he included a song called "Dream" which tells us about the feeling of missing someone you love and resorting to dreams to get back together.

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5. Viva a Vida – Coldplay

Coldplay is a very famous band and they released hundreds of hits that we all know, but if we are looking for onemusic that makes us dream and has an inspiring truthletters, is Viva la Vida.

This song is a hymn to life, to overcoming obstacles and to the strength of dreaming and betting on what we really want without fear.

6. Dream – Aerosmith

This song is included on the legendary debut albumrock bandin 1973, quickly becoming an anthem of hope for her thousands of fans."Dream until your dreams come true" is an idea as simple as it is powerful.

We all have something to achieve, something that we don't tell anyone but that has always knocked in our hearts and that we want with all our strength. That's what this rock ballad is about that never goes out of style, no matter how many years pass.

7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Green Day had their moment of fame during the 2000s and released several hits that thousands of young people sang in unison at all their shows. But one of their most popular songs has always been and always will be "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

This song talks about broken dreams and the feeling of hopelessness that we all experience at some point when we fail to achieve our goals.

8. I Dreamed a Dream – Les Misérables

The musical Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is world famous not only for its story but also for its exquisite soundtrack. The song is sung by the female lead.

“Soñé un sueño” is a song for life, for hope and for believing that a better future is possible even when you have nothing and life has repeatedly turned its back on you.

9. Your Music – Elton John

Elton John is a master of English music, everyone in England loves him and he has many beautiful songs. However, it is about dreaming and listening to music that touches our hearts and leads us to our deepest desires.

“Your Song” is the single and the best for daydreaming. A love song that will make you feel emotional and believe that anything is possible.

10. Dream – Imagine Dragons

A beautiful and dynamic song that was included in the Smoke and Mirrors album by the famous group Imagine Dragons and that invites us to reflect on life, broken promises and remember that the inner child that we carry within us must never die.

'We are all children when we dare to dream' is what the song wants to tell us and that's the truth, we all carry a little child inside us that reminds us of what we dreamed of when we still didn't know what life was.

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11. Maravilha – Shawn Mendes

Once again Shawn Mendes makes us dream with one of his songs and uses dreams and his inner world as inspiration to create this beautiful song full of emotion and dynamism.

'Wonder' speaks of the most hidden desires, of what we think in the darkness of our room before falling asleep. It talks about the purest love and the dream of one day achieving it. Undoubtedly, it is a unique piece that since its launch last December has not stopped playing everywhere.

12. Piérdete – Eminem

Eminem was an American rap star throughout the 2000s and, although he is currently largely absent from the music scene, his albums contain many songs that invite you to dream and talk about self-improvement.

One such song is “Lose Yourself”, a song that talks about his own personal experience with success and how one person, if he works hard, can make any dream come true.

As difficult or impossible as it may seem, "Don't miss the opportunity to make the most of your talent, there are opportunities that only come along once in a lifetime."

With phrases like this, the rapper explains how important it is to bet on our dreams and our talents.

13. Apuestalo – High School Musical 2

All teenagers from the 2000s onwards had the privilege of experiencing the musical phenomenon that was the release of Disney Channel's High School Musical trilogy.

The films left us with a wide variety of themes that spoke of friendship and the dreams of the time. being the song 'Bet on it' sung and performed by Zac Efron in the second film one of the most remarkable in terms of dreams and expectations for the future.

The title of the song does not contain the word dreams, but a very clear message about what we should do with them: “Bet on me, bet on my dreams”. It is a piece full of strength and rhythm that all young people who have experienced this phenomenon will always remember and sing in their hearts.

14. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

“It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight, facing the challenge of our rival, and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, watching us all with the eye of the tiger.

Who hasn't sung this iconic melody at the top of their lungs? This song is perfect for putting us in the right situation and motivating us to succeed in everything we set out to do.

15. American Dream – MKTO

This song talks about the great American dream that so many people have been dreaming of for decades: “The world is turning too fast for you and me. So tell me what happened to the American dream."

If you feel like daydreaming and imagining yourself living in the United States and fulfilling all your dreams, this song is perfect for that and makes you dance at any time of the day.

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16. Final da Al – Linkin Park

Over the past decade, Linkin Park has been sounding strong across much of the world, winning over a massive following on the strength of their lyrics and music. However, while many of their songs talk about hope, most of their lyrics talk about the rawest part of life and how hard it can be to never realize your dreams.

In the song "In the end" we can find moving lyrics that tell us about the feelings we experience when we see our unfulfilled dreams:“I tried so hard and got this far. But in the end, it doesn't even matter. I had to fall, lose everything. But in the end, it doesn't even matter."

17. Let It Go - Congelado

This song has been an anthem since the first moment Disney's animated film “Frozen” was released in theaters. The song performed by Demi Lovato is an anthem to hope and the freedom to live our dreams the way we want. The film repeatedly addresses the issue of dreams and the fear of having to give them up in order to fulfill the family duty that is imposed on us from an early age.

“I can no longer contain myself. Let him go. Let him go! Turn around and close the door. I don't care what they say."

This song will lift your spirits every time you hear it. I have no doubts!

18. I'll Make A Man Of You – Mulan

This song from the famous Disney movie "Mulan" tells us about the strength and courage of a woman who fights for her dreams despite having an entire empire against her.

Anyone listening to this inspiring song will feel more encouraged and energized to pursue their goals:“Be a man, we must be swift like the rushing river, be a man. With all the force of a great typhoon, be a man with all the force of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

19. Alone, a dream – Nelly

In this song, Nelly tells us the sad story of a woman in love who dreams of marrying the love of her life. However, this is not a story with a happy ending and at the end of the song, the woman wakes up and realizes that everything was a dream and never really happened.

Dreams sometimes deceive us and make us live in a false reality that we would never want to wake up from.

20. My Way – Frank Sinatra

In the 1960s, this song and artist became world famous, turning "My Way" into an ode to self-improvement and the power of dreams. Living life in our own way and without fear of what others will say is something fundamental that we should all know how to do.

And that is precisely what the great Sinatra sings in this mythical song:"Remorse. I had a few, but again, too few to mention. I did what I had to do and got it without exception."

In conclusion, dreaming and improving are an essential part of our existence and throughout thissong list, has been more than demonstrated.

All these songs invite us to dream and improve ourselves, but they also show us the reality of the worst moments, when not everything goes as we expected and our dreams shatter into a thousand pieces.

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Don't hesitate to listen to this long list of hits and put rhythm and lyrics to all your goals!


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