Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (2023)

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In this article, we celebrate the best gay YouTubers who are not only highly inspiring but also proud to wave the rainbow flag for our LGBTQ community.

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Growing up as confused gay youth, we didn't have access to the internet to learn more about ourselves and the "feelings" we were going through. Luckily, today there is a whole universe of super inspiring LGBTQ YouTubers discussing all things gay that we wish our young people could have seen.

Over the past decade, we've religiously followed a handful of gay YouTubers like Davey Wavey and Josh Rimer, who have entertained and educated us on all things LGBTQ. But the one thing we've liked to see in recent years is the rise of vlogs dealing with transgender issues.May he live long!

These are the guys (and girls) at the forefront of the online LGBTQ community on YouTube that you should check out right now... just don't forget to hit the nail on the head.subscribe tobutton while you're there, right?


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Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (1)

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What makes a good gay YouTuber?

There are many factors that we believe make a gay YouTuber someone you want to follow and subscribe to. Of course, the most important thing is that they talk about prominent LGBTQ issues. These can include anything from relationships, family, transition, lifestyle, dating, and even the best toys to use...!

We also focus on current creators, which are channels that are still posting videos on a weekly or monthly basis, as there are a number of gay creators that have been lost and their channels have become inactive.

After all, most important of all that make a YouTuber one we want to watch the most are those who are engaging, likable, relatable, and most importantly, entertaining! Also look at who we rate asbest gay instagramersYgay tiktok accountsConsequences.

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (2)
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Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (3)

Davey Wavey has pretty much become a full brand now with his blog, Facebook, and TWO different YouTube channels!

His main channel is wickydkewl, where he posts useful videos about the gay lifestyle, as well as more entertaining videos about all kinds of hanky panky activities, including a series ofEntertainmentCelebrities react to different things on camera. We love DaveyWavey because his channels are refreshing and shameless, leaving nothing to the imagination!

Davey's videos are also great sources of information for gay people who may be feeling a bit lost and need advice. Have you ever wondered how the different positions work? Or whatSauberyou down? Davey Wavey has you covered. And of course, there are plenty of thirst traps in the mix, some even censored by YouTube.

Davey Wavey has his tooRaw Davey WaveyChannel that has similar content to wickydkewl but from a more personal angle. Here he also talks to his audience about his life and offers valuable advice on various aspects of the gay lifestyle.


Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (4)

Stevie is the cutest lesbian girl who moved to London from Los Angeles and vlogs about gay relationships, dating, lifestyle, fashion and more. Like Davey Wavey, she offers plenty of must-have lesbian tips on how to carry specific toys(!), how to finger and scissor a girl, along with more general dating advice on how to find a girlfriend.

Some of her videos are also more about her own life, explaining why she moved from Los Angeles to London, filming her reactions to trying British sandwiches for the first time, or decorating her home. For lesbian women who are going through a fashion crisis, she will also hold your hand and help you dress like a tall woman.

We find it amazing that there are YouTube channels as open and public as Stevie and Davey's, where young confused gay teens can find so much helpful advice on how to navigate their own lives and relationship advice.

3.only lucas

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (5)

Luke Wale is a trans guy from FTM who doesn't really vlog about one thing but shares many parts of his life, art, family, music and transition. Luke's incredibly candid videos of his journey from coming out to starting testosterone to recent top surgery are sure to be a great resource for other young trans people who may not be sure they feel the future out of him.

Luke's videos aren't just about transition though, with some really beautiful music videos he's made that have been released there as well and some pretty relaxing videos of him painting to music that are just so beautiful to watch. Be sure to check out his Lonely Little Cloud ~ 1984 music video, we love it!

Plus, having been posting YouTube videos for TEN YEARS, Luke also has a lot to explore and make you feel like you've known him forever, especially with how honest he is in all aspects of his life. rose

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (6)

Tara and Mandi Rosa are the married mothers of four girls behind the gay family channel Living Rosa. They have been vlogging for four years and have shared all the details of their journey to motherhood through IVF, as well as what it is like to raise four children under the age of five (including twins) and with two dogs in the house.

Living Rosa is a wonderful channel for those who just want to see how a really messed up family, including two moms, live their lives. And did we mention that his daughters are ADORBS? But be warned, watching Living Rosa videos can make you super miserable no matter your gender or who you love!

Channels like Living Rosa are very important for visibility and showing the world that gay couples can be just as good parents as anyone else. It's also nice to see how accepting of their lives the girls' friends and family are.

5.justin y nick

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (7)

Justin and Nick are a very cute gay couple who share their life together on YouTube (as well as Instagram and Twitter). They create videos on everything from their morning routine (with their equally adorable pup!) to house tours, Harry Potter, attending Gay Pride, and lots of great gay trips.

What can we say, it looks like Justin and Nick are a couple of our guys! Along with many traveling gay couples, we love to laugh at some of their silly excerpts from married life, but they also get serious at times. He has interviewed young activists who participated in the March for Our Lives and even spoke with DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Plus, they even share beard grooming, makeup, and occasionally cooking videos. He's on the lookout for her adorable dog and cat cameos, not to mention her romantic engagement video.

6.bria y chrissy

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (8)

We can't resist a good pop song and lesbian duo Bria and Chrissy definitely deliver, along with some fun videos of their life together. Of course we love listening to their music (which is also available on iTunes and Apple Music), but we also enjoy their silly and sometimes cheeky videos where they try different YouTube challenges or just talk about life in general. the lesbians.

However, Bria and Chrissy are also getting serious, sharing deeply personal stories about their personal experiences, trauma, and struggles with YouTube itself shutting down LGBTQ+ content on its own platform. It's refreshing to hear the true story of other gay video creators, and hopefully we can all help ensure that no one's voice is removed from YouTube.

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7.jose rimer

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (9)

In fact, we've interviewed Josh life in canada, but we also encourage you to visit his YouTube channel! In 2019, Josh was crowned Mr Gay Canada and many of the videos of him show him sporting his well-deserved title at gay pride events around the world.

Most recently, Josh treated his audience to the logistics of planning a gay wedding (with fiancé Heath) that involves a homophobic resort she doesn't want, and ultimately having to call off their nuptials due to the pandemic. Of course, many people have been in the same boat with the pandemic, but this is a resort inpuerto vallarta gay friendlyhowever, not wanting to go through with a gay marriage is pretty shocking these days.

We love seeing Josh and Heath visiting gay destinations, especially ones we haven't been to like Australia! We're so jealous... But we also enjoy the little glimpses into everyday life that just go to show that gay couples are no different than straight couples.

8.princess julios

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (10)

Julie Vu aka Princess Joules aka Mama Sparkles is a stunning woman who vlogs all aspects of her transition from male to female, dating and transgender relationships, along with a healthy dose of makeup tutorials and fun makeup challenges. Youtube. In fact, she was one of the first YouTubers to fully document her entire transition:Talk about a pioneer!

In addition to sharing candid videos about transitioning, Julie has also made videos highlighting topics like domestic violence and how it affects both cis and trans people. She has even given her audience a candid look at her own personal experience of domestic violence.

However, he also does a lot of lighthearted content and often looks at the fun side of life. In 2019, Julie was Miss International Queen Canada and she has also made videos about her travels as a transgender woman in Asian countries, which is definitely an inspiration for other trans travelers.

9.In Wonderland Arif and Ricky

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (11)

Arif and Ricky are a gay couple who created a whole different world of art when they got together. Wonderland's part of "In Wonderland" combines their shared love of art, theater, Disney, and dreams, all combined to spread a positive LGBTQ+ message on their YouTube channel, website, and social media channels.

Both are life coaches by training, so they define themselves as gay life coaches who want to help others find their way to happiness. Through their YouTube videos, they offer many tips and advice for gay viewers on relationships, coming out, family issues, and more.

We love how fun and colorful their channel is (not to mention the guys themselves!) and we enjoy watching their silliest gay couple challenge videos. Arif and Ricky also renovated an RV to join the Tiny House Living movement, which was very interesting to follow!

10Matte and Blue

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (12)

Matt and Blue are a beautiful married gay couple who vlog life in a small rural Colorado town with their son, a dog, a horse, a cat, and chickens. It's refreshing to see a channel featuring gay men doing things like horseback riding and DIY that normally only apply to straight men. Matt and Blue definitely bring out the cowboy side in all of us!

These two beauties also share candid insights into their fatherhood journey, vlogging about why they decided to adopt and what it was like to adopt as two men. They also reflect on life as a gay family in a small town, coming out to their families and making their marriage work.

Be sure to check out her channel for cute videos of family life."Gay Boys Build Things"(that's its title!), renovation and gardening. But be warned, it will make you dream of owning your own little farm!


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Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (13)

11Steps by 2 foreigners

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (14)
(Video) 10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Costco in February 2023

Bernardo and Adam are a Brazilian-American couple who love to travel as much as we do! After meeting in Brazil, they moved to Portland, Oregon and began their journey as husband and wife and video creators on their YouTube channel.

They recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and while they share a lot of inspiring travel content, we're also impressed with how they've adjusted to life during the pandemic. While his most recent videos focus on his life in Oregon, if you go back a bit, there are also a lot of fun videos from when they lived in Brazil and Bernardo was trying to show Adam how to be more Brazilian.

We especially love the videos the guys make about staying in unique accommodations or their many 'firsts' like 'first time on a 17 hour train ride first class' and 'first time at a trade show'. Bernardo and Adam are also excellent film editors, with almost cinematic sections of beautiful landscapes accompanied by beautiful music.

12love life family

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (15)

The Loving Life Fam channel originally started with recipes shared by Victoria, but this evolved to show more of his family life with his wife Regina, son Ariel, and two pet snakes. Loving Life Fam is a hodgepodge of delicious recipes, food reviews, travel, and LGBTQ+ family life.

Victoria and her family also regularly share "mukbang" videos, in which they talk to the camera about everything that happens under the sun over a meal. As with some of the other YouTubers we mentioned, we love seeing other gay people just normalizing gay life. Yes, you can be gay and married and raise a child and travel and everything is perfectly normal!

Both Victoria and his wife Regina have Ukrainian accents (despite living in Canada) which we also love to hear. We also love to drool over all the food and try the recipes that Victoria shares.

13V square

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (16)

Vinny Vaillancourt is the fabulous guy behind the V-Squared channel, where he writes about his life as a gay man. We already mentioned that other YouTubers are real, raw, or honest, but Vinny really takes that to the extreme: he shares intimate videos about love, relationships, dating, breakups, and divorce.

It's probably hard for Vinny himself to look back on past videos with his ex-boyfriends, but we applaud him for not deleting them or trying to delete ending relationships. Vinny's videos, alone and with his partners, show an exuberant and loving person who isn't afraid to try again when it doesn't work out.

In addition to the challenges of the relationship, he is open about his life, his travels, and his move from the US to the UK. She even has some healthy recipes (including vegan banana bread) and exercise tips for those who want to stay healthy. We also enjoy when you ask (and answer) the really important questions about gay relationships, like:"Can bears date young men?"!!!


Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (17)

Max Emerson is another gay guy that we love and have already written about in our post.the best gay instagramers. It has loads of fun Max Travel videos from, you guessed it, his trips, which are usually our favourites. But Max also shares a lot of fun content about gay dating and relationships.

Also, how glorious is Max's intro for his videos? I mean, a rainbow-vomiting unicorn? We are a true icon. Be sure to check out her Revenge Dates series because they're just as fun and come with a fun little intro too.

Max has also dabbled in drag with the Drag Babies project, though being an actor, writer, producer and director himself, it's no surprise his channel is so good. That's right, Max appeared on Glee and even released two short films and a feature film. He is a man of many talents that you should know about!


Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (18)

On the ItsLex_ channel, Lex and her husband share information about their daily lives as a cis-transgender couple. Lex is a cisgender woman while her husband is a transgender man (FTM). They share their intimate stories of what it was like for both of them when Val came out as transgender and then changed.

Additionally, Lex and Val are parents to their son Zavier and twin sons Cairo and Malakai, so they also share a lot of parenting content along with their IVF journey. As if all of that wasn't enough, Lex has also spoken candidly about her struggles with anxiety and postpartum depression. I mean, if we were dealing with three kids under the age of three, we'd probably be in trouble too!

Like most of the channels we share here today, Lex and Val do a lot just by showing viewers how normal it is for a cis-trans couple to live their lives as parents and partners. Even straight couples are sure to find Lex and Val's journey toward a family through IVF enlightening as they consider following the same path.

sixteen.rose and rosie

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (19)

Rose and Rosie are a married British couple who talk a mile a minute but are so much fun! They vlog about their life and relationship, and also include frequent reaction videos to TV shows. The girls actually have three named channels along with their main channel, including one where they play video games together.let's play gamesand another daily vlog about renovations and their cute dogs namedRose and Rosie's Vlogs.

In their own words, Rose and Rosie post impromptu comedy videos, which explains why they're so funny. Even when it comes to serious LGBTQ+ issues, they manage to lighten the mood. They also recently shared their journey to becoming a mother, with Rosie getting pregnant through a donor.

We love to see girls discuss lesbian representation in popular culture, like evaluating gay kissing, gay boats, and lesbian stereotypes. Being part British too, of course I love your video on 'Very British Problems' and totally relate!

17I can't be broken

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (20)

To see one of the cutest and most creative gay guys we follow on YouTube, visit Connor Franta's channel. He vlogs about his life in Los Angeles, set to dreamy music and modern cuts that make every video of him feel like a real movie. he looks like thatDefinitionof a gay hipster andUslivefor this!

Connor has been active on YouTube for over 10 years and has definitely evolved during that time. He reached 1 million subscribers before coming out and made a beautiful coming-out video, in which he explained his personal struggles growing up as gay. For all the young people out there who think they might be gay, channels like the Connor's Show are very important in showing thatit gets better!

Although his style and content has changed a bit over the years, all of Connor's videos are an honest look at his life and who he is as a person. Anyone who enjoys watching videos about shopping, fitness, fashion, TikToks, and everyday life will love his quirky channel.

18amber cabinet

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (21)

Amber may call herself a "certified fan" on her channel, Ambers Closet, but she's actually a powerhouse! She shares inspirational videos on LGBTQ topics, as well as fashion, challenges, comedy skits, and everyday vlogs. She also uses her voice and her platform to urge young people to vote, provides information to those who want to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and explains how defunding the police would really work.

It's hard enough being gay in this world without also having to face the challenges of being a gay black woman. We don't want to put Amber down, but she somehow manages to remain a true wild queen despite it all. Her fashion videos of her on lesbian tomboy style will surely come in handy for other gay women.

In addition to her own content, Amber regularly interviews other members of the gay community about all aspects of LGBTQ life. We also enjoy the funniest videos of her on bedroom fun and dating!

19Tyler y Todd

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (22)

Tyler and Todd are an adorable gay couple from Canada who vlog about life as a dwarf. They started by renovating an RV to live the #vanlife, but when the global pandemic hit, they built their own little off-grid farm.

Whether you're more into RVing or living off the grid, you'll find plenty to entertain and educate in Tyler and Todd's videos, as they've created a wide range of content on both lifestyles. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they are both very easy on the eyes, not to mention their two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Charlie and Eddie.

One of the best things about their channel is that they share honest breakdowns of expenses incurred while living tiny and how they make money while traveling full-time (if they've been able to). We love seeing your RV videos of your trip across America just as much as your newest buildings and off-grid farms.

20Elena Regain

Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (23)

Last but not least on our list of favorite gay YouTubers is the glamorous Elene Genevinne, an openly transgender content creator who changes her hair color, well, a lot! She also shares makeup and makeover tutorials, as well as lots of hair care tips.

Elena is friends with Princess Joules, another YouTuber we talked about earlier, so you might see one or the other on each other's channels. Most of Elena's videos feel like you're hanging out with a friend, playing games, talking about life, fashion, makeup, and relationships. She's also not afraid to take her video camera with her when she shops for!

Viewers will also find helpful tips for navigating life as transgender, with Elena's videos on dating during transgender life, "bedroom fun" disasters, and catfishing. We can definitely say that Elena doesn't shy away from any topic, no matter how awkward or embarrassing it might be!


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Top 20 Gay Youtubers You Must Watch In 2023! (24)

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