Top 5 Songs with Easy Piano Chords - Perfect for Beginners (2023)

The best part about learning to play the piano is when you can finally find piano chords for popular songs and figure them out yourself. It's great fun to play a fun song with a simple piano arrangement, or look at simple chord diagrams and make something up.

Finding songs to play on the piano can be difficult as a beginner. You may not be good at reading music yet, and some chords may be difficult to play. However, songs with simple chords definitely make life easier.

Below we've compiled a helpful list of five easy-to-play pop songs with easy-to-learn chords. You can impress your friends by playing whole songs even if you are a beginner on the piano.

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Top 5 Songs with Easy Piano Chords - Perfect for Beginners (1)

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Knowing basic piano chords

There are a lot of single peoplechords' in the world of music, these are simple combinations of notes that go together. The first chord that almost all aspiring pianists learn on the piano is called the C major chord. All of the root notes from A through G have simple major and minor variations, and they are all fairly simple. By learning these 14 chords, you'll open up a world of easy piano songs with chords that aren't too difficult.

From songs from Bruno Mars to Billie Eilish and from Beethoven to Michael Jackson, piano chords andpiano keysThey are the pillars of music.

General tips for learning basic piano chords

Regardless of the songs you're learning to play, it's normal to play chords with your left hand and notes with your right hand. There will be a few other songs that require you to play bass notes with your left hand and chords with your right hand, but many beginners focus on learning chords with their left hand.

A basic knowledge of simple "triad" chords will make simple piano chord songs even easier. Make sure you know how to find thempiano sheet musicbefore proceeding, in both the right and left hands.

Chords can be worked out by understanding the "root" and the "quality".

The root note is the note that starts the chord in its standard form. It's also the beginning of the chord name, so it always helps with learning. When playing C major or minor, the root note is "C". The "quality" is simply whether the chord is minor or major (at least for simpler chords). See below for more information on root and chord quality.

Sometimes the root of the chord can be a B flat or sharp key, and sometimes the major chord can have additional raised keys, but it's these two basic principles that allow all musicians to communicate with each other through sheet music, chord charts, and music. . . Theory.

As you gain skills, you may be able to play more chord variations, e.g. B. "Seventh chords" often used in conjunction with scales such asthe Blues Scale.

The origin

For example, consider a C major chord. The name actually contains all the information you need to play the piano version of this chord. The root is the letter appended to the chord title. If it's C, the root of the chord is C. This tells us what note alphabetically we need to measure the rest of the notes in chord form.

The quality

The quality of a chord is what we give to the other details included in a chord's name. So for a C major chord, the quality is "major". Major chords tend to have a more upbeat sound.

Quality can also help you figure out the "formula" for playing a chord. For example, a major chord within a scale consists of the root, the major third, and the perfect fifth. Its formula is 1-3-5. For minor chords it is 1-b3 (b 3)-5

By memorizing how to play the quality of a chord, you can learn to play a C major chord just as easily as an F minor chord.

Once you know how to spell all the basic chord types like major, minor, augmented and mined, then the number of easy piano chord songs you can play is vast.

The best songs with easy piano chords.

Many songs with simple piano chords are simple pop songs and usually contain chord progressions that use various combinations of major and minor chords.

(Video) Perfect - Ed Sheeran | BEGINNER PIANO TUTORIAL + SHEET MUSIC by Betacustic

By learning a few simple songs, we can cover the most common musical patterns used in simple pop songs.

The Beatles - Let it be

Let It Be by The Beatles starts with a simple oneSongand a very easy C major chord in the left hand. The chords in this song are very simple but there are some changes. With our tutorial, you can see that the chord progression is actually very popular in this song and you can even see the sound of some chords.

Tips for playing the song

Try to pay attention to the pattern of the bass line and notice that the bass line really changes during the second half of the verse. Although there are very simple chords, the bass line changes. Learning these quick changes can also help you.Read piano sheet music faster.

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Elton John - Rocketman

Elton John's Rocket Man was a pivotal step in his career and this tutorial will teach you how to play it. Elton John has been on the covers of many music magazines, but of course he is best known for his piano playing and singing, as well as his fashion. Rocket Man is a song that everyone will recognize (and even join in) once you start playing.

Tips for playing the song

From our list of easy songs with piano chords, the right-hand melody in this case is actually one of the most complicated. Remember that the right hand emulates your voice, not an instrument. Make sure to play the notes carefully. Also keep in mind that you will be using the black keys a lot as this song uses many different chord shapes.

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John Legend - All of me

Well this song sounds like it's pretty easy but make sure you get the hang of this big chorus as it's very different from the rest of the song and has a lot going on. All of Me is an iconic modern classic.

Tips for playing the song

This lesson sounds best when played as a vocal accompaniment. Like the other songs in this article, it's written in a minor key and the melody moves fairly quickly, so you might want to slow down when you're first learning it. Also learn it section by section as it changes quite a bit in the different parts of the song.

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The Righteous Brothers - Melody Unchained

This song was without a doubt The Righteous Brothers biggest hit, if you are looking for piano chords for popular songs this is surely for you. The song became even more popular when it was used in the film Ghost starring Patrick Swayze.

Tips for playing the song

We've made this as easy as possible in oursApp to learn piano. While some of the versions of this use arpeggiated chords, we started with straight chords first. This is one of the simplest chord progressions, but also one of the most famous. If you learn it, you can also play many more songs.

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Los Beatles - Hey Jude

You may be wondering why exactly one article has two different Beatles songs on the same list. Well, aside from the fact that the Beatles were so incredibly famous in their day and influenced popular music more than any other musician at the time, it's actually because the music works from a song like Hey Jude that they show up in didactic articles so often. as an excellent learning medium. The chords appear in similar arrangements or sequences in other pop songs.

Tips for playing the song

The song has almost a lullaby quality and some easy piano song chords that anyone can master. The right hand melody is a bit more difficult, but our lesson has broken it down so you can learn the left and right hands separately.

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Chords are the tools we use to write and learn songs and there are so manyChord sequenceThey use the same relatively small set of chords. Regardless of whether the song contains simple or complex chords, rest assured that the lessons learned in this article, in addition to the other tips in the Skoove app, will lead you to a complete knowledge of the piano.

As a beginner, mastering some of the easy chord songs can impress your friends and ensure you have rewarding, practical knowledge instead of just learning endless scales. It's time to play some of your favorite songs.

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