What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (2023)

How cool were all the performances on Pitch Perfect?

If you're a fan of the popular film trilogy, you probably know it was all about acapella, and boy did it sound amazing to hear it! Not to mention that it's so incredibly fun!

The TV show "Glee" is also one of the most popular music productions that has brought acapella back into the spotlight and into the hearts of millions of people.

It's really amazing what a scale it ishuman mouth and vocal cordsmay.

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about using acapella background music and whether that still makes the show a legitimate acapella performance.

It got me thinking - how much do people really know about acapella?

Today I will answer the question "What is an acapella?". as I explain the basicsMusical style, its history and examples.

I'll also explain why it's a good idea to sing a cappella and the challenges that can arise.

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What is an acapella?

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (1)

In music, a cappella is a form of signaling that uses only the human voice to create the sounds involved.

This means that a performance to be called acapella is based entirely on thenatural human voicewithout the involvement of instruments or background music.

Sometimes there is clapping or snapping of the fingers, which is acceptable.

Acapella music is usually performed by a group but can also be performed as a solo.

What does acapella mean?

In the music world, acapella singing refers to a genre of music thatuses no instruments or backing trackProducing music - the natural human voice.

While acapella started out with an emphasis on imitating the sounds of instruments, it soon became all about harmonizing songs and atom.

Singing a cappella or just listening is a unique experience that can leave you in awe.

The fact that the human voice is not constrained by tradition to sing a particular style, to conform to the melody of a mechanical instrument, or to follow popular tastes makes vocal music as flexible as a genre can be.

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Maybe it was this freedom that was behind the showBarbershop-Musicin the United States. This form of acapella music is the only one made entirely in the USA.

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (2)

Acapella music was so named because chapels and small places of worship were the first places people began singing without the accompaniment of any instruments.

This was unlike choirs in large churches, where there was always a piano or organ.

Over time, the term acapella has evolved to mean any type of sung music that does not involve the use of instruments or background music.

Nowadays it doesn't matter if the lyrics were religious or not, it was acapella as long as it wasall human.

As I mentioned earlier, acapella music can be performed by any number of artists, from solo artists to groups of more than a dozen members.

Acapella vs. Acapella vs. Acapella

Linguistically, the word "acapella" is of Italian origin and literally means "in the style of the chapel".

In the United States, it's commonly spelled and written as the "acapella" word, but that's not entirely accurate.

Technically speaking,in the right wayWriting acapella takes the form of 2 words “a capella” or “a cappella”. The one with the double "p" is the traditional Italian spelling, while the one with the single "p" is the Latin spelling.

In any case, you probably canUse any of the 3 wordsand everyone will still know what you're talking about. However, the Italian version is the typical reference in musical terminology.

In terms of grammar, you can use the word "a capella" (or "a capella" or "a cappella") to describe a noun or an action. For example, a band or song can be acapella and an artist can play acapella.

Examples of acapella songs

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (3)

In addition to the songs from the Pitch Perfect and Glee trilogy, below are some examplesAcapella music and artiststhis will just blow your mind!

  • Sound of Silence by Pentatonix
  • Agnus Deiby Samuel Barbier
  • I just called to tell you I love you from Pentatonix
  • Daft Punk Medley von Pentatonix
  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pentatonix
  • born of a roseby Michael Praetorius
  • Hallelujah von Pentatonix
  • I can't help but fall in love with voiceplay
  • just singby voice play
  • Disney Princess Medley von Voctave
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Voctave
  • Moon River von Voctave
  • When a man loves a womanvon FreeHome
  • Only in America for Home Free
  • Working for a Living from Home Free
  • Sea Shanty Medley von Home Free
  • O Can-Can de Natalvon Straight No Chaser
  • 12 Days of Christmas von Straight No Chaser

History of Acapella Music

Some would say soAcapella-MusicIt's as old as mankind itself, as it's the sounds made by the human voice without any instruments or backing tracks.

While the idea of ​​cavemen being acapella singers is quite amusing, the origin of acapella as we know it today dates back to themXV and XVI centuries.

During this period, singing became common in chapels and small houses of worship across Europe.

This brought with it the Italian term "a capella", and in the 17th century acapella songs, divided into parts for specific voice types, developed.

How to enter acapella

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (4)

(Video) Closer - Retro '50s Prom Style Chainsmokers / Halsey Cover ft. Kenton Chen

If you're thinking of getting into acapella to sound amazing like they do in all those groups and movies, you should.2 things to know:

  • First, the road to mastering acapella takes a lot of patience and determination - it's not something you can just get up and do.
  • Second, there are many ways to learn acapella singing techniques, and they don't necessarily cost a lot!

I know it's a "bad news mixed with good news" situation here, but it's worth it if you follow the process.

That means you can search for thatVoice coaching servicesto give you private lessons in acapella singing, or they can put you in a group if you prefer.

Alternatively, you can try working independently with the help of online videos or apps that teach a cappella.

techniques to learn

Regardless of which learning approach you choose, there are some techniques you need to become familiar with and master in order to become an acapella singer. You go as follows:

1. Make a pitch

First things first, you must learn howFind your tone and hold itthroughout your section.

This may sound simple, but when you add the factor of not having any instruments or background music to accompany it, it's understandable why it's harder to maintain an acapella tone.

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (5)

Not to mention having to be aware that others are singing different tunes around you - yes, it's certainly challenging.

One technique I have found useful for anyone learning acapella and trying to perfect iswith a tape recorder.

You can record your vocals on your smartphone, laptop or other device and listen back when you're done to understand what you're doing right and what you need to work on.

It goes without saying that your voice should be recorded with no other music playing in the background.

2. Harmonizing melodies

Once you begin to keep your pitch as you sing, you can learn how to do itharmonize your voiceto different melodies.

You see, every song has a specific melody. There can even be different versions of the same song in different melodies.

In order to sound as perfect as possible when singing any song a cappella, you need to harmonize your voice with the melody.

So what you should do isStudy the melody of a song, try to harmonize with this song, record your vocals without music and then play it back while playing the song in the same melody you decided on.

You'll know you're doing a good job if it sounds exactly like the song, or close to what it sounds like.

There should be no conflict between the harmony of your singing and the melody of the song; they have to merge or sort of.

The main goal of this technique is to complement the melody of the song with the harmony of your singing.

(Video) All About That Bass - Postmodern Jukebox European Tour Version

3. Get a decent range

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (6)

If you've ever seen an acapella group in action, you've probably guessed that every member has onecertain rangein her voice.

Acapella groups usually include an alto soprano, a bass, an alto, and a falsetto. If you want to join a group, you must join one of these sections.

If you can sing particularly softly or loudly, your hearing is likely to be fine.

That is, if you're looking for tips to help youExpand and improve your reachas a good singer should do, I can confidently say it is possible. Its range is not fixed, it can change as you train it.

The following exercises may help you in your search:

  • Maintain proper posture while singing. You must have your feet shoulder-width apart, your back straight, and your chest lifted.
  • Not only does your body need to be in the right posture, but your breathing needs to follow the right technique as well. AlwaysBreathe with your diaphragmgenerate enough pressure to reach higher notes.
  • Hitting higher notes is easier when you don't have a lot of tension in your vocals. You can release a good deal of that tensionRelaxation of the jaw muscleswhile your singing increases
  • As mentioned in the previous tip, reducing tension while singing is an effective way to reach higher notes. In addition to your jaw, your tongue can also hold tension, causing your larynx to rise and your vocal folds to tighten.

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (7)

This often causes the voice to crack and interrupt its pitch. so tryrelax your tongue and larynxwhen singing to better hold your breath and get a higher note.

  • Attemptlip trillBlow air while your lips are slightly closed to create constant action. During the flop, sing 'u' in different keys as in 'umbrella'.
  • Makeloud sirensSing 'e' or 'o' from your lowest possible note to your highest possible and back again - like the sound of a police or ambulance siren!

4. Knowing how to customize arrangements

Last but not least, this particular technique is essential, whether you sing alone or in a group. Knowing how to create and adjust the arrangements is the only way to make a coherent show.

This keeps you from sounding like you're singing randomly and keeps members of the acapella group from clashing with harmonies or singing outside of their parts.

Of course, if you're a solo act, working on arrangements is a lot easier than working in a group.

You can divide songs into arrangements regardless of voices other than your ownbest match your voice type(soprano, tenor, alto, etc.).

On the other hand, working with an acapella group means thinking about more types of voices and putting more effort into dividing up the arrangements that best suit each one.

Benefits of Acapella Music

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (8)

Getting into acapella music has many benefits for the artist. The following are some of the benefits that I feel are most unique to singing a cappella:

Gives you great flexibility

One of the best things about acapella music is how versatile it can be. It's not restricted by stylistic traditions or specific genres - you can sing anything a cappella, from classical to modern.

This gives the artist the freedom he needsGet creative and practice sounds beyond your comfort zone. Ultimately, this increases your level and makes your skills more inclusive.

The effect of acapella flexibility on songs is also evident to listeners, as it is common for an acapella cover to completely change the way a song is recorded.

A slow song can become funnier and more energetic, or the opposite.

Introduces new musical skills

If you're a singer just starting out with acapella, you're in for a treat in terms of developing your musical and vocal skills.

(Video) Bruno Mars - Versace on the Floor (Billboard Music Awards 2017) (Official Live Performance)

Since this type of music involves singers creating various sound effects using only their voice and body, it is not difficult to imagine the development you would give your singing by learning to imitate different instruments.

Seeing acapella singers and bands in action can be a truly eye-opening experience.human voice capabilities.

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (9)

It ensures that these artists must be highly skilled to create the sounds you hear unaided.

Yes, it definitely takes a lot of practice to get to that level, but I'd say it's super rewarding once you get there.

Promotes musical independence

Singing acapella music is the perfect way to gain some musical independence if you need to work at it. The reason is that acapella asks you to do ituse your earrecord and judge different tones and pitches.

Even if you're singing with a group, you still need to pay attention to your own singing to ensure the overall performance goes as planned.

Promotes musical teamwork

Acapella encourages musical independence, but also collaboration and collaborationCooperationwhen working in a group.

Before you think I'm contradicting myself, think about it. When you do an activity with a team, it's not just your skills that matter, but the skills of the team as a whole.

For example, if you're playing Call of Duty or any other co-op game with others on your team, you need to know your teammates' moves and stats in order to perform at your best as a unit.

They depend on each other to win, so it's acollective effort from individual efforts.

The same concept applies to sports and music. Your acapella group is your team that you must communicate with and support in order to perform successfully.

Provides excellent ear training

What is an acapella? A closer look at this ancient but popular style of music (10)

Last but not least, acapella music offers an excellent opportunity to train the ear.

Again, since no instruments or background music are involved, acapella singers must rely entirely on their ears to discern different notes, pitches, and melodies.

As such, getting into acapella can help you take your listening skills to levels you didn't know existed. You can easily tell if it's out of tune or if it's in tune with the music.Harmony.

Acapella can help you with thatBuild better muscle memorywhen it comes to finding notes since you have to do it alone all the time.

It becomes something you know by heart instead of tweaking strings or keys.


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2. Julia Michaels - Issues
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5. Papercut [Official HD Music Video] - Linkin Park
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6. Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart
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